She’s a good student #proudmom

I love getting random surprise messages from my daughter’s teacher! I thought that since she started middle school this year, that these little notes would be no more. I’m so glad I was wrong! This wonderful note came today from her Math teacher. It was so much fun giving it to her when she got off the bus this afternoon. :) Her mid point grades are looking pretty awesome too! I’m a proud mam today!

good student

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  1. Congrats to your daughter for doing so well in school! I agree, it’s nice when your child gets recognized for their accomplishments and good deeds in school.

  2. Nicole Robinson says:

    That’s a wonderful note. You should be one proud mama.

  3. And so early in the year! That’s fantastic, you should be a proud mom. :)

  4. Now that is a proud mommy moment for sure!

  5. That’s such a great note and her grades are awesome! That’s definitely something to be proud of!

  6. Woohooo! You should be proud, good for her!

  7. Yes, it really is a pleasure to receive this surprising and positive notes! I really appreciate and value teachers who make this effort. I’m proud of your daughter as well! :-)

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