Do you notice anything wrong with this picture?

Have you ever had one of those really dumb moments when you do some utterly stupid and realize it at the exact moment that it’s happening?

Umm… some days are just not worth waking up for. Like today. Is it Monday? Can I just go back to bed? 

coffee mistake

 Also, my foot and my leg are now cold because my sock and my pants are wet since I had to dump the water and coffee into the sink and it splashed all over me.

And I just realized that my sock has a hole in it. I think this is my last good pair.

Shoot me.

hole in my sock


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  1. Oh what a mess coffee grounds where the water goes! Hope your day gets better!!

  2. Hubby recently put a k-cup in with no coffee cup on the base, and hit start. I remember thinking, duh! Then I did the exact same thing a few days ago, lolol.

    The good thing about the day starting off like that, is it’s bound to get better! :) Happy Thursday.

  3. Day 2 Day Printing says

    Oh yes… I had a really dumb moment on Monday. I use public transportation and therefore take the bus to work. I arrived at the bus stop at 7:10 am. The bus didn’t arrive until 8:10; they were on Holiday Schedule.

  4. Oh no!! I am sorry I had to laugh at this…. only because I have done it myself.

  5. I definitely noticed whats wrong with that…Thanks for the great post here then…

  6. lisa brown says

    I have dumb moments every now and then, and they seem to be increasing with age. :)

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