Online coupons help us shop for warmer winter clothes!

The holiday rush is over with and we are in the midst of the long dark days of winter. This makes it the perfect time to do some online shopping for those basic necessities we had put off buying before Christmas! That means we need coats, gloves and boots! For some reason, these items are the last thing on my mind when it comes to shopping for our wardrobe. Especially this year! We’ve been having unseasonably mild weather with our first real snowfall happening only a week ago.

coupon codes bootsNow that it’s finally getting colder, we’ve discovered how badly we all need new winter gear. Coats and boots are not a cheap date! That’s why I search for sites such as Couponology where I can find printable and free coupons like this Timberland coupon code that lets me find outerwear for up to 50% off the regular prices! Free shipping coupons are another perk that I look for when I’m using online coupons to shop for major purchase. Yes, coats and boots are a major purchase for us! Have you seen how much they can cost?

I also love to shop online because the selection is usually so much better than what we see in the store. We always have a hard time finding boots that fit my daughter. Most of the ones at the local stores are either too small or too old for her age and not appropriate.

My daughter like to shop online because it allows her to find items that no one else has — who wants the same old pair of boots that every other 5th grader is wearing! Do you stretch your dollars with online coupon codes? Where do you find them at?


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