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Tween & Teen old enough for own computer? Our children are getting older and it seems like it gets harder and harder to find them fun Christmas gifts. While they won’t be getting as much as they used to this year, we still like to give theme each one nice BIG present and a few smaller ones.  Hubby and I were thinking of gett… read more… Is your turkey thawed out yet? Mine is sitting there mocking me. I am pretty sure that it is thawed on the outside — but I just KNOW that when I crack that baby open tomorrow morning at 6am — he’s going to have frozen innards.  Nothing like a frozen turkey neck to wake you up on Thanksgiving morning! Who else is… read more… Computer Problems How do you maintain your computer so it always runs smoothly for you? I’ve spent the entire day trying to get my desktop fixed and I am still not sure it’s going to “stay alive”. It drives me crazy that I rely on it so much! Do you have a schedule for keeping your computer h… read more… Powered by BlogFrog


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  1. ahensnest says:

    King’s Hawaiian #ProjectMahalo Twitter party…

    I am excited to tell you all that I’ll be co-hosting my very first Twitter Party tomorrow afternoon…

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