Just post number one thousand {1000}

1000I noticed in my blog’s dashboard today that I have 999 posts under my belt since I started blogging way back at the end of 2008. Who would have ever thought that I would stick with it and grow to love being a blogger so much.

When I first started blogging, Super G. and I were disgruntled eBay sellers moving to a new auction site. The goal of this new space I called my “blog” was going to be to promote that new site and our store. Well… when I started sharing my excitement about free samples I enjoyed signing up for, you could say that was the beginning of the end for our auction site store!

I believe one of the first blogs I read was Dealseekingmom.com. Reading her awesome deals led to the following of more and more blogs. I discovered blog giveaways!! — And started winning them when I entered. I joined communities, found out how fun it was to play with and design my blog and eventually by some miracle — my blog gained a Google Page rank of 4 without even trying — which led to review and giveaway offers that I hosted on my own blog. How exciting!!

In November of 2009, I discovered a community that I cannot ever imagine being in the blog world without! MomDot.com‘s blogger forum has taught me so much more about not only being a blogger, but what it means to be in a network of bloggers who care about and understand each other! After making the move from my blogspot address to my self-hosted domain on WordPress in 2010, I started believing in myself and my blog just a tiny bit more. These days I try to blog about a variety of things — family, products, deals — and just being me. I know that lately the blog hasn’t been as personal as it used to be, I’m afraid I’ve been in a bit of a bloggy slump. One of my goals for 2012 is to get back to Just Being ME in both my online and offline life. It isn’t easy but with some work, it will happen. Thanks for sticking around, I hope to be blogging on A Hen’s Nest for a long time!

Let’s get to the real point of this post though! And what I originally started to complain about – I needed to write SOMETHING for my 1000th post other than the fact that I got new glasses last week. 

They are weird.

… I feel like a bug

… A big-eyed bug

… wearing safetly glasses.

me - a bug eyed safety glass wearing dork.

BUT… I paid for these glasses with blogging money, money I earned. Money that I didn’t have to ask Super G. for, so they’re NOT going back!


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