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D-Signed clothes at TargetMy tween daughter is a big Disney Channel fan. At any given moment when she is at home, you could walk into our living room and 9 times out of 10 The Disney Channel is on. She isn’t the only one that watches though, there are some great shows on Disney and one of our favorites is Shake It Up.

Pie and I watch it just about every day. Her favorite character is CeCe while mine is Rocky — I do get a kick out of Dina and Deuce though! I have to laugh because there have been many times when Pie has wandered off to do something else leaving her Dad in the room watching by himself (He usually forgets to change the channel and ends up watching haha!).

One of the things we most enjoy about the show is seeing what CeCe and Rocky will be wearing. We love the funky layered looks they sport which is why we were so happy to hear about the newest clothing line inspired by the characters of Shake It Up.

The latest D-Signed tween clothing and accessories collection at Target features 35 furred, sparkled and layer-worthy pieces that have all the style and fun we’ve grown to love. 

D-Signed is a departure from more general entertainment-inspired tween based clothing as these items do not portray the characters’ likeness, instead the pieces are inspired by the characters’ look and personality on the hit series—the items you would find in their closet. In the D-Signed CeCe and Rocky collection both girls’ styles come shining through in uber-trendy pieces mixing pattern and fabric, creating a fun and fearless look.

Can I just say that I love this line of clothing! I think it is absolutely wonderful that the line focuses more on style and fashion other than plastering the character’s likenesses all over them. One of the hardest things is having a tween daughter who wants to (and still should be able to) shop in the girl’s section of the store only to find that so many of the items she’d like to wear only go up to a size 10. The CeCe and Rocky Holiday D-Signed collection is available in girls sizes 4 to 16! That is awesome people! Awesome!! 

D-signed clothes at Target

We were sent a grab bag of items from the collection to review. Pie jumped up and down with excitement when she opened the package and ran to try her new clothes on. She received a pair of Shake It Up Girls’ Black Tuxedo Sequin Leggings and a Shake It Up Girls’ Three-Quarter Sleeve Broomstick Tunic in a gorgeous purple-pink color, both in size XL (14/16). She usually wears a size 14 so these items fit her perfectly with just enough room to allow for a bit of growth. 

As a mom who knows how hard her children can be on clothes, I was pleased with the quality of the items we received. They’ve been washed and dried (BAD hubby! I usually drip dry Pie’s nicer clothes but he threw these in the dryer before I caught him GRR!) with no problems or shrinkage at all. Happily, all of the sequins and sparkly bits are still intact and as pretty as ever. 

The CeCe and Rocky Holiday D-Signed collectionAll of the items I’ve seen on the Target site look like they would be great to mix and match. Both of the pieces that Pie is wearing will go with several other items we plan on purchasing — well that I plan on purchasing and wrapping up for under the Christmas tree ;). What makes me even happier is the fact that everything in the D-signed line is SUPER affordable! The tunic Pie is wearing is only $16.99 and the leggings just $14.99!  I think the most expensive item I found was the Sequin Blazer for just under $25. 

I found The CeCe and Rocky Holiday D-Signed collection to be an age appropriate line of girls’ clothing that I’m happy to let my daughter wear, it lets her be a kid and we all know that can be a hard thing to accomplish these days! You’ll find the entire collection exclusively at Target stores nationwide and Target.com. Also, to add just the right finishing touch, check out the fashionable assortment of Shake It Up-inspired boots, ballet flats and sneakers in girls sizes 12 to 5 available at Payless (currently $19.99 – $34.99).

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    Those are soooo cute! I love that they let her be fashionable without looking, well, trashy. My granddaughter will be 13 in March, and when I go shopping for clothes for her, most of the time I get so disgusted at what is available to buy for that age group. I wouldn’t spend my money on half of it, and her mother wouldn’t let her wear it! I absolutely love that top your Pie is wearing. Cute!

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    I think the pink top is CUTE! Target usually has some very cute clothes when it comes to buying clothes for the little ones.

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    Good God, she looks so grown up! :) I love the clothes she is wearing.

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