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Nichol is a mom of two, and blogs over at Kiddies Corner Deals, where she posts about online kids deals, recipes, reviews and giveaways. She knows kids are expensive, but shopping for them doesn’t have to be! She is thrilled to be guest posting on A Hen’s Nest! Thanks Nichol! I’m so happy to have you here on A Hen’s Nest! ~Henrietta

Cooking has been a passion of mine for years, but I truly believe we all get into this rut and cannot get out. We make the same items over and over again, and then we get bored. I was this way for years; meatloaf, spaghetti, pasta, stuffed chicken breasts, hot dogs, pizza, etc. Having the same items on my weekly menu made me experiment with recipes, making them my own. However, I still love searching the awesome internet to find recipes, and making slight changes. One of those recipes are a grilled chicken tenderloin recipe, but not just any recipe, a Cracker Barrel chicken recipe.

Now I have only been to Cracker Barrel one time, but I know many who love their chicken tenders, so I was determined to make them. This is a worldwide copycat recipe that I found years ago, and have been making them ever since. It is a simple and tasty recipe, that can be served alone, on a sandwich, a top of bed of lettuce and veggies, in a wrap, however you like. Our family loves them alone, with our sides. The kids gobble them up like crazy, so if you have a big family you may want to double or triple the recipe as this makes about ten tenders. The original recipe does state to drain and discard the spices in the dressing, but I don’t. It is wonderful with them and I also add more honey. I hope you all enjoy this Cracker Barrel chicken recipe!

Cracker Barrel Chicken Tenders Recipe shared by Kiddies Corner Deals

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Cracker Barrel Grilled Chicken Tenderloin Recipe
Prep time
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A delicious honey glazed chicken tenderloin.
Recipe type: Main
  • 1 pound boneless chicken breast tenders
  • ½ cup Zesty Italian dressing
  • 1 teaspoon fresh lime juice
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  1. Mix dressing, lime juice and honey in a large resealable bag or container.
  2. Add the chicken. Marinate for at least 4 hours in the refrigerator.
  3. In a large non-stick skillet over med/high heat, add the entire mixture with chicken to the pan.
  4. Braise chicken on all sides until golden but not dry.(I do this until most of the liquid has evaporated out which is why mine have a dark color)

Tip: I have tried the recipe until they are golden and a little longer like I am showing you. I feel that the darker pieces are more tastier than just a piece of "golden" chicken. The dressing sticks onto the chicken which gives it the color and much more flavor as it caramelizes.

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  1. 1
    Beatrice Gevin says

    That looks sooooooooo yummy! I’m going to have to try this sometime. Thanks for sharing some easy to put togehter in a hurry! This would be great with your baked cubed season potatoes :)

  2. 2

    Thank you so much for allowing me to guest post! This is so yummy. Have a great weekend:)

  3. 4

    I love the italian dressing and honey that sounds wonderful!

  4. 5

    Mmmm those look yummy!! We always use Zesty Italian, but I never would have thought to add honey. That sounds awesome!

  5. 6

    NICHOL! Every time I read a post by you I get hungry, LOL! Yummy, I could go for some chicken right about now!

  6. 7
    Teresa Wheeler says

    What is your favorite side dishes to eat with this?

  7. 8

    I am making this tonight and so far it looks nothing like your recipe. I hope it turns out!

  8. 9
    Cindy Gallamore says

    I love cracker barrel tenderloins. Thank you. I was amazed at the recipe cause I already use the zesty Italian marinade. Who knew a little lime and honey could make such a difference

  9. 10

    These are wonderful I have tried them several times. Everyone loves them.

  10. 11

    I have had this pinned for a couple of months now, and just got around to making it today. My daughter eats the grilled chicken fingers every time we go to Cracker Barrel, so I was anxious to see what she thought. She loved them.I thought they were great too. This is something I will be making often. Thanks so much!

  11. 12

    Do you think this recipe can be made in the crockpot and with whole chicken breasts? It looks delicious!

  12. 13

    I looooveee theses omg.. But I was wondering what side dishes you serve with these.

  13. 14
    interested party says

    These were just okay. Maybe 2 1/2 stars.

  14. 15

    Made this for supper last night – DELICIOUS! I make my own Italian dressing using the good seasonings dry mixes. To make a “Greek” version, I use lemon juice in place of the vinegar. So very, very yummy! I probably let mine marinate for 6-7 hours – even better. Thanks for the yummy chicken recipe.

  15. 16

    My mother and I used to go to Cracker Barrel all the time to get these but they just don’t make them like they used to. Now if you get them they have no color or sauce. The last time we went, we left so dissapointed that i thought i would learn how to make them myself. I have been making these for a little over a year now and i agree with you on the darker peices being much tastier. This dish is so easy and never fails to impress. If they aren’t good you did something wrong! Thank you so much! Who needs Cracker barrel after you’ve tasted these?

  16. 17

    You have to cook it long enough to get the carmalization. In the beginning you think its just a bunch of chicken and juices but it is amazing how it really does turn out like the picture. You need to cook it so it does not burn. Basically long enough for most of the liquid to cook down and caramelize but just short of burning. Trust me it does work and it is delicious and quick. The crock pot will not be the same. It will not be brown.

  17. 18

    Just an FYI. Cracker Barrel actually marinates the tenderloins for 24 hours. If you get them and they don’t have that dark brown (almost black) look, they were not marinated very long. They were probably tossed in the dressing and on the grill because they were running short on them.

  18. 19

    I think I have too much liquid in here… did anyone else have the same challenge???

  19. 20

    Hello everyone, it’s my first go to see at this web page, and
    post is in fact fruitful in favor of me, keep up posting these posts.


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