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PaperworkMy hubby, Super Genius, is a small business owner. He is really good at his general contractor job and I admire the way he can work with his clients to make sure they’re satisfied with the work that he does for them. Being a business owner also means that you have a ton of paper work to take care of. Since my Super G. is not the most computer savvy man on the planet, most of the documents and paperwork that he has to have are created, edited and handled by yours truly. I’ve never minded having to be his personal secretary, even though I have absolutely no business training or worldly experience with this type of thing, I somehow have managed to muddle through all that is needed of me so far. Quite often I find myself having to send documents to hubby’s prospective clients and various agents via email, which can be challenging when it involves converting pdf to word so that I can edit and make changes before sending the documents back for approval.

Working with these business applications is a learning process that I do enjoy though, thank goodness for online tutorials so I can keep on learning and improving.  Trying to keep abreast of the different ways to manage my husband’s business documents, and the processes that simplify using tools such as a pdf to word converter, are just a few ways that I try to streamline the work I do for Super G.

What programs and applications do you use for your business and personal paperwork? Do you have favorite sites with tutorials for them? I can always use more tutorials!


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