The 31 Day Photo & Prompt challenge – Day Three

Today’s Prompt: Your favorite show.

Hmmm, I don’t really have just one favorite show. If I have to pick just one, I do love the new-last-year NBC series Parenthood. The Braverman family dynamic and realistic relationships are so interesting to watch. Each character’s personality is unique and the situations the show brings up are relevant, honest, and real. I love all of the actors, they really connect with each other and the audience. They have had some great guest stars as well!

Sarah’s struggle with being a single mother to two teens while trying to balance her love life and career; Adam dealing with his daughter’s relationship with an ex-alcoholic, a crazy new boss, and a so very intelligent son who happens to be autistic; Julia’s longing to have a second child while her husband deals with wanting to return to the work force; Crosby’s mixed emotions on how to assert himself in his marriage are all issues that are true to life. We know people that have been in situations like these. We may even have had the very same struggles. Parenthood is a show that makes me laugh, cry, and shake my head in disbelief at times, or even all at once. This drama series has one of the best casts I’ve seen in quite a while. You know it’s a good show when I’m yelling at the television! I truly enjoy it and hope to be able to watch it for a long time!

I love the show’s theme song, it’s a little bit faster on the actual show but this version is nice too. Isn’t Lucy Schwartz’s voice just beautiful?

A few of my other favorites are Hell’s Kitchen and American Idol. I like to see people succeed and triumph over their fears to achieve their goals. Flying meat and silly audition are just icing on the cake ;).

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    oh yeah I was totally going to mention that too and forgot, the theme song rocks. It’s one of the only shows where I don’t fast forward through it

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    I so so love Parenthood too. I posted that as #1 for my challenge linky today too! Love it!

    I had never seen that video so thanks for posting it!

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