Getting back into the swing of things

Guess what I’m doing? Typing on my NEW computer!! Woot! Super Genius surprised me on Tuesday when he came home from work with the computer I’ve been drooling over! He got a great deal on a HP Pavilion bundle. This baby is about 100x the computer that our old beast was! He also brought home a new 1Tb external hard drive so I can save photos to my heart’s content! I really cannot even describe how awesome this new monitor is compared to our old one! We had one of those ginormous cubes with a tiny 15″ screen before, now we have this beautiful 20″ LCD monitor – I can actually tell colors and read words without sitting 2″ from the screen! The VERY bad news is that ALL of my old stuff on the other computer is gone :( I am so sad, all of our family photos, emails and the past 7 years of our life is just POOF! I can’t even stand to think about everything  we lost! So much work down the drain. I won’t be making the mistake of not having back ups ever again! At least I blogged about random life here, those pictures are safe and sound online so that’s something happy to think about!

Windows 7 is a bit different from XP, but I am loving all of the neat features and shortcuts it has. Learning the ropes will take me a few weeks I’m sure! Now I have to start playing catch up with all of these reviews and fun giveaways I have fallen behind on. Since I still do not have any of my old emails I’m kind of at a stand still for several of them because I don’t have the information I need! I do hope to have at least a couple up by next week though so y’all have something fun to come visit me for!

As for some real life news, yesterday our 10 year old plecostomus died :( I know it’s just a fish but we’ve had him since before Pie was born, he’s the only fish to have survived several tank changes, a move and our two kids. Super Genius was really bummed out and we all miss his little plop sounds he used to do while floating upside down. Now our fish tank is so bare with just the two zebra fish in it. We might take a ride to Buzz n’ Bee’s tonight to find a new “Picasso”. First we have to go to Party City to find Halloween costumes though! We’re dressing up this year for a friend’s party, hopefully we can find something fun without spending a fortune! Pie wants to be an 80’s girl but we’ll see what she finds.

That’s about it for now! After being offline for almost a month I’m a teensy tiny bit overwhelmed with everything there is to do online. It’s almost scary how quickly I became used to being computerless! Last night I stared at the screen for about 10 minutes just trying to figure out what I should do first! No worries though! I’ll get my groove back before long and have things ship shape in no time! Thanks for sticking around!

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    Yea! You’re back! :-) … I forgot all about the computer thing (you know how my mind is) and I was just coming over to see what the heck is going on. My Google reader showed a post from you in August! So I got confused. Hey, but I read some stuff I hadn’t seen.

    I’m so excited about the new computer. You made me smile describing the monitor and everything. Happy computing and try not to get overwhelmed. I’m glad there are pics online and that all was not loss. Maybe you should do a sticky post at the top with a note to your PR people and sponsors. Maybe some will contact you so you don’t have to do too much digging, searching and winging it.

    I think I should go now and back up my hard drive. :-)

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    I definitely recommend hard drive back up! I’m going to become obsessive about doing mine weekly! I was just thinking about putting up a post begging any PR people who happen to stop by to contact me, great idea :)
    I have to catch up with you too and read everything I’ve missed! Time.. what I need is more time! lol

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    Yeah!!! So happy you got the computer you wanted. :) that’s really too bad about the pictures being lost. I am in the process of moving all my pics to an external hard drive. Quite the process that is!

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    How exciting to get a new computer. I recently had to buy a new laptop because I got water in my old one and fried the mother board. I have an external drive that I now keep all my photos and important files on. Now if something happens to this computer, I won’t have to worry about all the files I really care about.


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