Blog changes lead to soul searching… Really?

If you’ve visited A Hen’s Nest in the past few days you might have noticed that it looks a little different. We are officially transferred over to self hosted WordPress! This is exciting for me because it’s like opening up a new chapter of my blogging. It’s also very scary because I am often, and usually, terrified of change. Change is hard, but it can be good too. I am hoping this move was the right decision for me. As I am trying to make sense out of this WordPress thing I find myself wanting to cry… scream… rip my hair out… go back to the old way of doing things that was easy for me and streamlined. Then I have to stop and think to myself that everything I learn is a new skill, a new achievement, something that I can take with me and use as I continue to grow in both this blogging adventure and my life.

Change is good.

eggs from our chicken in hubby's handsThis must be my new mantra and this is how I must start small and tell myself every time I regret or question… Change is good.

When I look at the mess that is my categories, tags, posts, pages, to-do-list, backlog of reviews that need written and the upcoming school year for the kids (Tuesday WOOT!) and want to shrivel up and suck my thumb in the corner,  or freeze from terror – I need to remind myself that Change is good. After all, I have a brain (check), I have the ability (check) and the intelligence (check) to figure things out and conquer the problems that stand in front of me!

Today though I am not going to bother. Today I am going to spend the last weekend of summer vacation enjoying what’s in front of me. We’re going to attend our niece’s birthday party (HAPPY BIRTHDAY B!). Tomorrow we are going to take a mini trip into the “city” and see the traveling Memorial Wall, then perhaps visit the Tom Ridge Environmental Center. I am going to breathe in the fresh summer winds, let the rays of afternoon sunshine soak into my soul and listen to the sounds of the real world around me. I am going to spend the time in between reading a book I’ve been waiting for and that my friend lent me (Mockingjay – the last of a must-read YA trilogy).

Then when I’m a little more relaxed and a little less stressed about this whole “change” thing, I am going to come back and triumph over what has been trying to make me want to give up. I hope… This little pep talk I’m giving myself isn’t working very well!

Who knew that a simple change like migrating from Blogger to WordPress could lead to such a profound self analysis… maybe it’s just me feeling sentimental about children growing up so quickly! These things are all intertwined, this is my life and I love living it!


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    Looks great! I wish my changes looked as seamless and professional as yours. :-) I still have a lot to do. I’d like to design a new header, but I have no idea where to start. And buttons! Did you design your own? Or, I see… BytesForAll?

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      I noticed your site redesign yesterday! It is looking great! Much cleaner :) I did design my own header and button. I use the free program and play with it, they aren’t the greatest but I’m happy with them! If you have questions ask me! I can try to help.

      Bytes for All is the WordPress Theme I’m using.

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    Hi Henrietta,

    I definitely agree with what you said that “Change is hard, but it can be good too.” Change is inevitable too. We just have to learn our way to it.

    And good choice of having a self hosted wordpress site. Plus a very good theme you got.

    Jane Leaf
    Author of Gravity Defyer shoes reviews

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