Summer chores help kids learn that work can be fun!

Now that our two kids have been home for summer vacation for almost an entire month it’s turning into a free-for-all clutter fest around here! Super G. decided it was time to dig out the old chore chart idea. I’ve tried  making fancy ones in the past but everyone (including the mom-enforcer) usually loses interest after a few weeks of chore time brawling. This time we kept it very simple with a lowly piece of tan construction paper, crooked lines and markers. It works.

I mean it really WORKS! So far chores have been getting done with no nagging involved! Mr. T.’s tasks include taking out the trash, twice a week vacuuming, dishes and cleaning the floors, toilet, bathroom sink and mirror in the guest/kid’s bath. He actually stops playing his game and does his chores – when he’s supposed to – without me telling him to! This takes a giant load off mom and dad! Hallelujah!!

Pie’s chores are the same as her brother’s with dusting instead of bathroom cleaning. Putting them together on the dishes chore has an added and unexpected bonus – brother and sister bonding time. Even though it takes them three times longer to get the dished washed, dried and put away the way they do it, it’s so worth it. I love listening to them make up stories and songs, tell jokes and GET ALONG while they get their work done.

I guess this only goes to show that a favorite old song – Whistle While You Work – really is true! How do you get your children to do chores? Do you have a rewards system? Getting their $5.00 weekly chore allowance may play a part in how well this is going over for us!

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