New Twitter Name

Get ready for my Twitter rant!

I have given up on Twitter Support. I would suggest that you NEVER, ever, NEVER try to change your user name on twitter! What a mess! I was told it would be pain free and simple, well that’s not the case! After changing my user name in my settings, I was somehow locked out of my account! Since July 1st I’ve been trying to get help from Twitter, any help, but I now believe their support is non-existent!

Any-who If you were following me under the user name dudechick I wanted to let you know that that account will no longer be active since I cannot log in to it! My new Twitter user name is ahensnest and you can now find me here: I will be keeping this new Twitter account until I’m either dead or it locks me out too.

All is well now, thank you for listening :)


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  1. Welcome back! Now following you! (mamasmoney)

  2. Henrietta says

    Thank you! I was going crazy without my Twitter :)

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