Ginger, My Dog

What a weekend! Friday afternoon My daughter was playing in the living room and pushed the love seat back too far, it knocked over the piano bench that was behind it (no, we do not have a piano!), which crashed to the floor. I didn’t think anything of it, we picked up the mess and I went back to what I was doing.

A few minutes later my daughter went into the kitchen and saw blood everywhere! She thought Ginger’s (our dog) foot was bleeding! I couldn’t see anything on it, but still blood was coming from somewhere! Her tail! Apparently Ginger was laying on the floor near the piano bench with her tail stretched out behind her, when the piano bench fell, the corner must have somehow sliced open her poor tail!

I yelled for my husband, (who was actually fighting with a ‘possum that was in the recycle can) to come help. He managed to get some gauze and duct tape (lol) on her furiously waving tail and then went back to the ‘possum. I went back to dishes. Until I noticed that every time Ginger wagged her tail blood droplets flew EVERYWHERE!!! UGH!

I had to call the vet, I didn’t want my Ginger to bleed to death! They had her come in immediately (5:30 pm by now) and they stitched up her tail with stainless steel stitches. They gave us 2 pain meds for her and an antibiotic, they also gave us a bill for $438.00! Wow! that put a stitch in some plans we had :( Ginger has to go back next week for a follow up and again in 3 weeks to have the stitches removed.

Needless to say, I moved that darn piano bench! How was your weekend?


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    Oh poor Ginger, I hope that tail mends fast. Just look at that face….lol….she looks downright pissed!!

  2. 2
    crochet lady says

    Poor Ginger. I bet she doesn't like the wrap on her tail.

    That seems like a very large bill. A double ouch.

    My weekend was spent coughing still.

  3. 3

    Hope Ginger's better now!

    One Day at a time with Silver

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