Why You Shouldn’t Compromise On High Speed Internet

When balancing your home budget, it’s tempting to consider high-speed Internet a luxurious personal expense. However, it’s actually too important to compromise on your Internet speed. Yes, you could hunt for bargain basement prices but you’ll end up with an infuriating slow connection. You have to stay connected to the web if you want to […]

New Twitter Name

Get ready for my Twitter rant! I have given up on Twitter Support. I would suggest that you NEVER, ever, NEVER try to change your user name on twitter! What a mess! I was told it would be pain free and simple, well that’s not the case! After changing my user name in my settings, […]

Twitter Woes

I am having twitter issues at the moment so if you try to follow me it will not work right :( I just knew I should have done this switching around BEFORE I started really using my Twitter! Oh well, it should be up and running correctly in no time. I have changed my twitter […]