Walmart’s Stock Up and Save event – Get everyday essentials for less in April!

It’s Spring and in our household that means we are busier than ever! Hubby’s business starts to pick up (everyone wants to get going on those construction projects after a long winter), our daughter has after school activities every day and I am doing the spring-cleaning while I juggle all of the other household chores. The less […]

Let Stanley Steemer help you do your Spring Cleaning this year!

Spring! It’s the time of year where the warmer weather lets us get more outdoor time, more walking, more playing, more dirt! Yep, all the time we spend out side is great, but it also means that our family is tracking in more dirt, pollen and dander. It also means our pets are shedding more! […]

I found the floor in my bedroom!

Yes! I finally finished sorting through all of my crafty “crap” as Super G. calls it. We rearranged the bedroom over a week ago so I could get to my sewing desk and I ran out of energy before finishing. See? So Messy! So it sat… and sat… and got in the way… and made […]