Panasonic JetForce Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Three dogs, a cat, a husband who works construction & a daughter who is a seven year old craft queen all combine to make one heck of a mess, especially on my carpets. Add to that a gerbil cage that needs weekly cleaning (have you ever tried to get pet bedding out of carpets?) & […]

I took the BISSELL White Sock Test! Lift Off Deep Cleaner #review

When BISSELL recently invited me to participate in the 2012 White Sock Challenge, I was scared to say yes — our carpets are gross. We live on a dirt road. We have two kids running in and out {while forgetting to take their shoes off at the door}, a dog, a messy bird and lots and lots […]

Let Stanley Steemer help you do your Spring Cleaning this year!

Spring! It’s the time of year where the warmer weather lets us get more outdoor time, more walking, more playing, more dirt! Yep, all the time we spend out side is great, but it also means that our family is tracking in more dirt, pollen and dander. It also means our pets are shedding more! […]

I despise my carpeting… just sayin’

Lately I have been noticing a funky, slightly doggy, smell in our home. With summer days of children being home 24/7, chickens running around the yard, and the dog coming in and out, it’s no wonder things aren’t as fresh as they should be. When I started to notice this aroma though, I worried about […]