I found the floor in my bedroom!

Yes! I finally finished sorting through all of my crafty “crap” as Super G. calls it. We rearranged the bedroom over a week ago so I could get to my sewing desk and I ran out of energy before finishing.

See? So Messy!

Before- my messy bedrooom

So it sat… and sat… and got in the way… and made me want to throw it all out the door and burn it. BUT, I didn’t!

Today I rolled up my sleeves and dug into the pile.

And I conquered it, WooT!

After - my clean bedroom

Super G. found me those handy shelves. The Dollar Store was ripping all of their old units out and they were headed for the dumpster, I’m so glad he thought to grab a few for me! They were the perfect way to store my yarn and sewing odds and ends! Living in a cramped space means we need to go up, up, up with our storage solutions sometimes, so this works well for us.

I’m just so excited that I will finally be able to sit down {with room! woohoo!} to sew again! The beautiful Spring weather has me in the cleaning mood!

Guess what the kids will be doing in their rooms this weekend? :)

Update: Look what Super G. came home with! A cute little chair just right for my new sewing area :) Love you honey, thanks!

my new sewing chair

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  1. 1

    That looks fantastic!! Yay for those awesome shelves–what a find! I am almost motivated to work on my bedroom. Almost.

  2. 3

    Very nice. Shelves are awesome. I could use about 40 of them :)

  3. 4

    Hen, Tell Super G. good thinking there, he got some nice finds..nice shelves & loving that chair! I’m so happy that you where able to take a step back and look and than get right into it! Love how the shelves make so much different! When you look at the before photo of room & the now done room.It is so much lighter looking & must feel awesome, to be able to move around & find things now. Happy Sewing Girl!

  4. 6

    Hey, there Happy Sewing Girl, Looks Great! Much brighter & roomer.. with the shelves up make it nicer to have things off the floor! Now go & sew to your little hearts desire! :)


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