Property Tax: Its Importance And Why Do We Need To Pay It

The most important needs of a human include food, water, clothing, sleep, and shelter. Having a shelter is important as it functions as protection and a source of privacy. There are other reasons why we love our home, and that includes having time with our families and making memories with them. Having your own home […]

5 Stress Busting Tips for Moving to a New Home

Moving can be extremely stressful, whether it’s across the country or across town. It would be different if all you had to do was pick up and move. But it’s not that simple. You have to pack, declutter, take care of turning off and on utilities, and still go to work and carry on with […]

Could this be THE year? Please let it be the year!

After years and years of struggling and trying to make ends meet, my husband’s business is finally starting to prove that it can reliably support our family. Super G. works hard at his job, he is good at it and I am so glad that he is succeeding. The past two years have been the […]