How I Learned to Follow My Heart – Guest Post by Barbara Techel

Did you ever experience an ache in your heart, but you were unsure why? This happened to me in my early 40’s. I felt this void, an empty hollow space, a longing, and wondering if there was more to life, or was this it? I wondered why I was brought here. Was there something more? […]

Writing Is A Blast! Guest Post by Cathy Bryant

So glad to be here at A Hen’s Nest! My passion has been lurking in the background for several years. While my boys were still at home, my free time was eaten up by sporting, music, and school events. Then came the empty nest. At first, I occupied my time with a full-time job to […]

Searching for Sincerely Saturday Guest Posts

To view all of the past Sincerely Saturday Guest Posts Look Here. There are some wonderful people sharing some awesome passions! ~ I know there are a ton of weekly/daily memes out there in blog land, but I can’t help myself from adding another one to the mix! I thought about it for a few […]

Guest Post by Anne McCrady – Three Wishes

As a new feature here on A Hen’s Nest I would like to ask for anyone who is passionate about something, (craft, subject, hobby, profession, etc.) to submit a guest post for “Sincerely Saturday”! You could also link to your own Sincerely Saturday post in comments.  My very first guest poster is Ann McCrady, I […]