Does It Benefit the Earth to Buy Organic Coffee? – Guest Post

image by tonx If you are a regular coffee drinker, like so many Americans, you may be wondering if it benefits Mother Earth to buy organic coffee. Yes, we are all aware that organic coffee may be slightly more expensive, but it actually works to minimize our impact on the environment in growing healthier coffee […]

Green Eyes: How To Be Green With Your Glasses – Guest Post By Kelly Gannon

Did you know that almost all eyeglasses are made in China and shipped tens of thousands of miles to the US before being bought by consumers here? In addition to the environmental hazards that come from the carbon footprint of overseas shipping, most glasses made in China are also made of plastic and sent to […]

Learning How To Communicate Guest Post by Rachel Moheban

Rachel Moheban, founder of The Relationship Suite, currently has a private practice in New York City and specializes in individual and couples therapy. Her tips have a simple yet effective approach that make sense! As a parent and wife, it’s sometimes a struggle to be reasonable with hubby when I’m grumpy, I think these tips […]

Mountain Bike Passion: Guest Post by Patty Mooney

Patty Mooney and husband Mark Mountain Bike Passion by Patty Mooney My husband and I both have reason to be hopeless romantics. After all, we met on Valentine’s Day in 1982 and have been together ever since. One day this summer we were walking hand-in-hand on the beach at La Jolla Shores. We passed a […]

Blind Pig & The Acorn Guest Post by Tipper Pressley

Hello. My name is Tipper Pressley. I write at the Blind Pig & The Acorn a website, I own, dedicated to preserving and celebrating Appalachian heritage and culture. As long as I can remember I have craved a connection with my heritage and the creativity that abounds in it. My hope is that through the […]

Luggage Tips Guest post by Wendy VanHatten

LUGGAGE TIPS by Wendy VanHatten   In case you want to get on your way more quickly when traveling, think about these tips to become a carry-on traveler. Even if you still check luggage, these tips come in handy as you prepare for upcoming trips. 1. Know the rules and limits for carry-on bags. This […]

20 Year Passion for Whitetail Deer – Guest Post by Rick Kratzke

My 20 Year Passion for the Whitetail DeerBy: Rick Kratzke / Whitetail Woods When I came across Henrietta’s “A Hen’s Nest” request for guest posts I felt sure that I could come up with something, when she mentioned the guide lines of what she was looking for I definitely knew I could write a post […]

On the Subject of Retirement – Guest Post by Bob Curtis

“On the Subject of Retirement”By Robert Curtis I have been with the Utah Transit Authority as a bus operator now for over three decades. How the time has flown! I have seen many come and many go over the years. But I have just begun to notice, in recent months, how many are retiring that […]

Follow Your Passion – Guest Post by Nancy A. Kaiser

I came out of the womb with an innate love for animals – all animals. As a small child vacationing in Florida, my folks took me to a dolphin show. We went each night. The owner felt sorry for my folks and stopped charging admittance. It is apparent to me that my passion was firmly […]

Why I love reading the old-fashioned way – Guest Post by Katherine Swarts

They predicted a “paperless society” for the Internet age. Like space colonies and household droids (both once expected to be commonplace by 2009), it’s been slow to happen. I’m in no hurry for it. Nothing personal against the electronic world; to read the daily news, I’ll gladly go online rather than juggle floppy, smudgy newspaper […]

Unexpected Joys – Guest Post by Carrie Howe

If you had asked me three years ago if I saw myself loving and serving teenagers, I would have laughed you out of my house. However, my oldest son became a teenager and I wanted to know where he was, what he was doing and who he was hanging around. So, in the words of […]

A banjo, a bowler, and an eternal grin – Guest Post by Ryan Pilling

I play the banjo. I also play the guitar. Actually, I will play any musical instrument I can get my hands on… or at least try to. Music is a great joy in my life. For my part in this Sincerely Saturdays series I wanted to share with you one thing about music that warms […]