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The holidays are often the most fun, yet the most stressful time of the year. There is always a lot to do and it takes a festive spirit to get the party started. We have a few ways you can get ready for the holiday season without too much stress.

Make a Master Gift List

If you have lots of people to buy for, those gifts start getting scrambled in your mind. Make a master gift list. First, write out each person’s name and what type of gift you’re searching for. Once you actually buy a gift, mark it out so you know that person is done. You can even go as far as to label which stores each gift can be found at so you aren’t left scrambling trying to go to ten different stores for gifts. If you can find most of the gifts online, take that master list mobile and go wild online shopping. Shopping for others should be fun, so don’t let it ruin your holidays.

Decorate Your House

One of the best ways to get into the festive spirit of the holiday season is to decorate your house. It might take a few days to bring all the decorations down from the attic and a few more hours to go shopping for the decorations you just have to have. Think of your house as a blank canvas. You can paint it with all of the festive fun. Hang stockings, throw lights on your fireplace mantels, turn the outside into Griswold City, and put garland everywhere you can in your house. Whether you choose to go with simple holiday decor or go a little wild with decorations, the holiday magic will begin to take over your home.

Dance Around the Christmas Tree

Part of those decorations is putting up a Christmas tree. That tree is a staple in itself. It’s up to each person if they choose to get a real tree or get the artificial one out of the box. You can decorate it with classic, elegant ornaments and other decorations, or you can decorate it with bright colors and character ornaments your kids will love. In fact, you can have multiple trees if you choose. Get the whole family into the decorating spirit. Turn on some holiday music and dance around the holiday tree as you decorate. In the end, it’s not about the perfection of the tree, but the memories made around that tree.

Throw a Holiday Party

If you’re up to it, get together a little holiday party. It doesn’t have to be the gala of the year. You can invite over a few friends, neighbors, and/or family members. Have everyone bring their favorite festive platter and have some fun. If you want to up your game, have everyone bring a small gift as well. Throwing a party during the holiday is just the icing on the cake of the season. It’s all about the magic. Seeing your friends and family during this time is so important to the feel of the season. Don’t forget to turn up the music and pass around the spirits. Let yourself have a little fun during this stressful season.

Send Christmas Cards

Go old fashioned and send out holiday cards. Make the family dress up in matching pajamas with cheesy smiles, put together a collage of your fave pictures from the year, or write a yearly summary. Holiday cards are a festive, fun touch of the season that lets others know that you’re still on their list. It’s a great way to connect during the holiday season. You don’t even have to sit down and hand write each address as technology can do it all these days. You also want to do these sooner rather than later. You don’t want to be the last holiday card arriving at your friend’s house after the season is over.

Pick Up a Few Extra Gifts

It always seems there is someone that needs a gift last minute. Choose a few random gifts that are gender neutral so you’re always ready. Whether it’s a last-minute secret Santa gift or someone you totally forgot about, you’ll be ready with your gift. If you never have to use it, either keep it for next year or consider it a special gift to yourself.

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