Keeping Things Both Festive and Safe When Guests Arrive

Holidays are fun. They’re filled with great celebrations and moments shared with even greater people. Or at least that should be the case. But there are a few things which can interfere with a host’s enjoyment of any given holiday. And, oftentimes, the interference involves things which we’re not really prepared for.

A good example of this comes from general home protection. That might not seem like a pressing matter when guests arrive. An informal holiday get-together is supposed to be fun and carefree, after all. But hosts often neglect just how many strangers are going to be in attendance. And more than that, the overall nature and background of the strangers.

A get-together typically involves close friends and family. It also involves people they invite to come with them. This can include anyone, from small children with busy hands, to people they’ve only been on a handful of dates with. Saying that this can present some problems is an understatement. The larger issue isn’t just what they might do either. Hosts also need to concern themselves with how constantly watching valuables might come off to guests.

Hiding things without having them hidden

But there’s a simple method which can take care of all of that in one go. The idea goes by a few different names. But it’s basically centered around the idea of hiding things in plain sight. It’s not always the easiest concept to grasp.

But that difficulty is exactly why it works. People aren’t always quite sure of what they’re seeing. It’s a simple method of safeguarding your belongings when strangers might be about. And once you do, it’s a total game changer.

Reduce, reuse and recycle

You’ve probably heard the old adage of reduce, reuse and recycle. It’s an environmentally friendly philosophy. But it’s also a great way to hide things from strangers. One can essentially get the best of both worlds by reusing a wide variety of containers for covert purposes.

This might sound complex, but some items are well suited to hiding items. Food items that need to be protected from sunlight are a great example. Basically, just use up the food within them and then use it to store valuables. There are even fake versions of items sold specifically to blend in. For example, sunscreen lotion bottles that can unscrew to fit even fairly large items within.

Keep it on you

Worried about valuable jewelry? Concerned that your latest jewelry purchase might prove a bit too portable? Don’t be afraid to just flaunt what you’ve got! If you’re wearing your more expensive items then people can’t grab them.

This serves a dual function of making them a subject of conversation. People are often a bit overly concerned with the idea of flaunting things they’re proud of. But things like that are meant to be seen and shared. You’re not getting the most of expensive babbles if you’re not actually keeping them on you every now and then.

Don’t forget to bring a towel

Fans of British humorists are well aware that there are few things as useful as a towel. They can serve to dry you, of course. But they’re also serviceable for warmth, pillows, blankets or any number of things. It’s indisputably a good idea to have them anywhere water might be involved. And smaller ones won’t even look out of place in a kitchen.

But they’re also incredibly useful as a way to hide things. The fact that they can be anywhere makes them a perfect hiding place. Simply put something in the folds and suddenly feel more secure.

The value of hiding things in plain sight

This is really just the start of things. There are a wide variety of ideas that can help hide things in plain sight. And it’s not just about keeping possessions safe either. It’s ensuring that you feel safe and in control. It’s been shown that this feeling is important for a variety of reasons. But it’s particularly important when you’re trying to have a good time.

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