Nine Plants for Your Best Garden to Date

pink shrub rose

For some folks, they garden what they like and stick to a routine. Others are a bit more daring, striving to outdo their garden from the previous year. Whether you want to cautiously adjust your routine with a new plant or completely redesign your personal green space, these nine plants are the ones you should consider for your 2018 garden.


Who says gardens can only be beautiful during the warm months? Amaryllis is a perfect addition because they are so easy to care for and can sometimes bloom again towards the end of fall. They keep your garden going and provide you with the best holiday décor one can imagine. It’s also a great holiday tradition to start that can keep you excited about a year-round garden.


Yes, roses are always going to be included on a must-have list. They come in a wide variety of color and add a lovely fragrance around your home. You can trim them for table décor at the family dinner, dry them for lovely hot bubble baths, and create rose oil and rose water to add to your beauty regime each day.


Lupinus is a flowering plant that is a member of the legume family. This plant is an excellent addition to your garden because it comes in so many different species and colors, not to mention it has a reputation for attracting butterflies. The best thing about gardening is the attraction of wildlife. If you have been considering a butterfly garden, you simply must include Lupinus.


Gaillardia, or Blanket Flower, is of the sunflower family and looks a lot like a daisy. The perennial is easy to grow and has a long bloom time. It is usually planted in the summer and fall and looks very much like a fall flower. Different species will offer different colors.


Delphiniums provide a tower of blue buttercup-like blooms that are beautiful to behold. Be forewarned, they are a finicky flower that prefers wet and cool summers over dry and hot summers. There are over 300 species so you don’t have to stick with the blue, you can find some that are pink, purple or white.


Nothing can compare to these spiky full blooms that are a host to a number of species. They belong to the Aster family and are just as finicky as delphiniums. Dahlias do well in the Northern Pacific coast; the wet and cool weather is what they thrive on.


Digitalis are a favorite because of their unique finger-like bloom. They are most commonly known as foxgloves and come in a variety of colors. Pam’s Choice is the one we highly recommend due to the delicate white complimented by a rich maroon decoration inside the flower.

Bells of Ireland

With all the discussion surrounding colorful blooms, one cannot forget to add a green bloom for texture in a garden. Bells of Ireland is a lovely addition to a garden that can help separate plants and tone down the busyness of a colorful garden. They are also considered to be good luck and are popular wedding bouquet additions in Irish weddings.

Other Green Options

If you Bells of Ireland aren’t meeting your fancy, or you want more green in the garden, you can look to a lot of species within a type of flower for a green version. Hellebores, chrysanthemum, and daylilies are also available in shades of green that can add texture wherever you want it.

Creating a garden that shows off your personal style and brightens your home (indoors or out) is one of the best parts of gardening. Know your land and climate

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