What Every Man Should Know About Giving Flowers

It’s been said that the way to every man’s heart is through his stomach, which is why a woman who can whip up a great meal will always be able to attract a good man. For a women, however, the key to her heart is to give her something exquisitely beautiful, like a bouquet of fresh flowers. Men who are wise in the ways of the heart should know that presenting a woman with a gorgeous bouquet sends a strong message of attraction and also respect. Giving flowers also shows a woman that thought has been put into a get together, and that the man is hoping to convey how much he appreciates her loveliness and femininity.

Flower Meanings

While any smart woman will appreciate the thought behind a man’s gift of flowers, it’s interesting to note the many meanings behind certain types of flowers. Flowers like carnations and Gerber daisies, in all their different shades of color, convey fun and friendship, while more elegant choices like white lilies can send a message of spirituality and appreciation. Mixing and matching some of these flower choices can make for a feeling that is beautiful, festive and fun.

The Amazing Color Schemes of Roses

Roses are the all-stars of the flower world, as these colorful and incredibly delicate blooms are the essence of true natural elegance. These flowers always make a timeless gift, yet the range of colors these blooms come in makes them a very versatile way to show real affection.

Every Valentine’s Day, florists can be seen delivering bouquets of flowers as a show of affection. Deep red roses are traditionally the color of love and romance, so this is obviously a great choice for a man who wants to surprise her this valentines day and tell that lovely lady how he really feels.

Among the other rose colors, Pink roses convey love and gratitude, so this is a great choice for an established relationship or a strong friendship.

White roses are often used in weddings, so they symbolize marriage, purity and new beginnings. At the other end of the color spectrum are orange roses, which are wild, fun and vibrant. This color symbolizes passionate feelings of enthusiasm and fun, so they are always appropriate for someone that someone has wild feelings for.

Bright yellow flowers evoke joyful feelings of friendship and affection, so these sunny flowers are always a great choice for anyone you love.

As the holidays approach, flowers are always a welcome gift, especially for someone who is “hard to shop for.” And don’t forget, as that day of cherubs and hearts approaches, red roses will always be the right choices.

Photo by Kaitlyn Chow on Unsplash

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