From Flooring to Fixtures: 5 Tips for Your Home Remodel


My husband is a general contractor so I often hear first hand how hesitant his clients can be when they are thinking about doing any kind of home renovation. A home remodel can be a truly daunting and often stressful task! From deciding what color to paint your walls, to what type of flooring is best for you, remodeling can be a difficult job. It seems as if the process takes forever, and often costs a small fortune. If you’re currently remodeling your home, or have a remodel on the horizon, consider these helpful tips:

  • Always have an attainable budget. Make a list of everything you need, starting with the most expensive materials. Flooring should be a top priority on your list, as it may end up being one of the most expensive parts of your remodel. Consider visiting your local Flooring America and speaking with a flooring professional to help keep within your budget.
  • Design your rooms around your life. This is especially helpful for homes with children. If you have young kids and pets, white carpeting probably isn’t the best choice. Design your rooms around the way you live, and only select materials that can keep up with your busy life.
  • Look around for the best prices! You might have your heart set on lighting fixtures you saw at the home improvement store, but you might be able to find a more affordable alternative or a cheaper price somewhere else.
  • Never be afraid to seek out the help of professionals. Sure, you might think laying down new hardwood flooring isn’t so hard, but when you allow professionals to install your flooring, you can be sure it’s installed correctly; which can help you avoid paying to get it fixed if something goes wrong.
  • Think timeless! Classics are classic for a reason. Stay away from crazy trends to avoid having to update the look of your home a few years down the road.
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