Green Giant Veggie Snack Chips are a Giant Surprise!

When I was younger, I loved snacking on chips. Over the years, my tastes have changed and while I will eat the occasional chip, I no longer enjoy them like I used to. That is until now! Green Giant has a Giant Surprise that I’m excited to share with you — the new Green Giant Veggie Chips! Now instead of just eating a greasy potato chip, I am enjoying flavorful chips that are made with some of my favorite veggies!

These new snack chips from Green Giant are a great alternative to a snack that we all crave from time to time. I know I like something with crunch and they definitely have that! What’s surprising to me is that I have tried several different veggie chips in the past and have never liked them. Green Giant’s Veggie Chips are different, they taste great and I can feel good about snacking on them! 

sweet potato chips green giant

I tried both The Green Giant™ Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips in Sea Salt Flavor and The Green Giant™ Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips in Zest Cheddar Flavor. The sweet potato chips are delicious on their own or along side a dollop of hummus for dipping. They’re crunchy with a nice hint of saltiness that satisfies my cravings. I love the slightly nutty taste and great texture that they have.

The Zesty Cheddar Tortilla chips are amazing! Great taste, great crunch, what’s not to love? They taste just like another brand of cheddar coated chips that the kids and hubby enjoy, only better. They even agreed that they liked the flavor of these tortilla chips… score!

green giant veggie tortilla chips

I love both of these new veggie snack chips for school lunches and my lunch! And, I plan to have them on hand for picnics this summer as well, they will go great with hummus, dill dip or veggie dip for our family gatherings.

If you’re wondering what’s so great about these new Veggie Snack Chips, then let me tell you! The Zesty Cheddar Flavor Green Giant Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips are are naturally flavored and made with real vegetables! They have 17 grams of whole grain per serving (48g are recommended daily), 0 grams of Trans Fat and have 30% less fat per 28 gram serving than regular potato chips!

The Sea Salt Flavor Green Giant Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips are made deliciously with real sweet potatoes and have 14 grams of whole grain, 0 grmas of Trans Fat and have 40 percent less fat than regular potato chips per 28 gram serving!

My favorite reason for making the switch to Green Giant Veggie Snack Chips though is that they are yummy!

green giant veggie chips

What’s your surprise talent?

Surprised by the new Veggie Snack Chips? Then check out all of the other surprise talents that The Green Giant has found on the Green Giant YouTube channel. Think you’ve got a surprise talent worth sharing? Show your talent to the Giant on the Green Giant Facebook page. Plus, visit the Veggie Snack Chips tab to print a coupon so you can try these new delicious veggie snack chips!

Thank you to The Green Giant™ for being a sponsor. Show the Giant your surprise talent at

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    They are definitely amazing! We love both but the veggie chip rocks. My new chip for those crunchy cravings!

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    These sounds so good. I am definitely going to look for them the next time I’m at the store.

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    They do look delicious and I’ll be looking for them the next time we’re out shopping.

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    Green Giant isn’t a company I’d imagine to have a line of chips but those look flavorful and tasty.

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