A Carrot Cake for Moms 60th Birthday

mom's 60th birthday carrot cake

Unbelievably, my mom turned 60 on Saturday! I can’t wrap my brain around it because for some reason my mom lives perpetually at the age of 38 in my mind. So for my forever 38 mom’s birthday, we invited her over for scalloped potatoes, salad and her favorite dessert — carrot cake. I make carrot cake for mom every year, she always tells me not to, but 10 minutes later, she’s asking me what recipe I’ll be using this year :). SO we always end up having carrot cake!

Mom loved her birthday cards and the potted violet that we gifted her. I also gave her the pretty potted bulb vase that I made for her not long ago.Mom's 60th Birthday

We had a nice time just spending time talking and chatting. My mom loves to laugh and she brightened our day. Little Aera loved seeing her silly great grandma!

I love you Mom! Happy 60th Birthday!

Mom's 60th Birthday

This carrot cake recipe is a winner. I found it over at MomOnTimeOut.com and just changed a few things. So jump over to her Best Carrot Cake Recipe to try it out and see below for my added extras. For many of my baked goods, I do like to use applesauce in place of the usual oil. It helps to cut the fat out a bit and keeps cakes and quick breads from being greasy so I was happy to find a recipe that uses applesauce.

Carrot cake usually calls for quite a bit of sugar and this one has 2 cups. I decided to try and sub some honey for some of the sugar – I used 1 1/4 cups of sugar and 1/2 cup of honey. I added 1/2 tsp of ginger in with the cinnamon and, like her recipe, I loaded our cake up with delicious veggies, nuts and fruit. I hate dry carrot cake and this one was far from it. The honey, pineapple and coconut blended together to create a moist, flavorful dense carrot cake that we all had seconds of — groan!

Also, instead of making frosting, I tried out that new Cool Whip frosting. I have wanted to try it since seeing a commercial for it weeks ago. It did not disappoint and tastes just like the cream cheese frosting that I usually make — without any extra work!

Mom's 60th Birthday

There’s just one piece left.

It’s sitting on the table behind me and it is calling my name.


Mom's 60th Birthday

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  1. 1

    It’s not right to leave one, lonely piece of cake all alone like that. You have to do it a favor and eat it :)

  2. 3

    I’m still amazed at how much we have in common. My mom loved carrot cake. Although she passed away 10 years ago I still make her favorite carrot cake recipe from time to time. Your cake looks beautiful. I love the way you layered and decorated it.

    • 4

      I love that we are similar! Maybe it’s because we’re country girls :) I think I’ll be making carrot cake on mom’s birthday for the rest of my days — they just go together!

  3. 5

    Happy Birthday to your Mom!
    The cake looks delicious (and is so pretty!) I love carrot cake and havent had it in years Maybe it’s time to bake one again!

  4. 6

    It looks like a nice birthday celebration. That cake looks fabulous, and I like all of the extras you did to it (I didn’t even know you could substitute applesauce for oil, what a great idea!).

  5. 7

    I love carrot cake too! except for the coconut ingredient, lol… the rest sounds yum-yum! you make me feel old… your lovely mom is only 4 years older than I…iiyeyeee!
    Happy belated birthday Mom. I hope she doesn’t feel as crooked as those candles!

  6. 8

    That carrot cake looks SO GOOD! Happy Birthday to your mom! :)

  7. 9

    The idea of making that carrot cake for your mom’s birthday is just so sweet! I can just imagine the smile painted on her face seeing your surprises for her. Who could even resist that great looking carrot cake which I believe to be great tasting as well. I admit it, I was touched with your story so I am making one for my mom too just to show that I appreciate her efforts too. Thank you for sharing. I love it.

  8. 10

    MMM! Carrot cake is my all-time favorite cake. It is absolutely delicious. I would devour it if it’s in the house. Happy birthday to your mom!

  9. 11

    That’s sweet! My mom just turned 60 this past November and like you, she’s still young in my mind.

  10. 12
    Beatrice says

    I had the most wonderful day at my daughters house for my 60th birthday! I enjoy the wonderful dinner of scallop potatoes and ham and salad and yummy carrot cake, which is my favorite! I’m so bless to have a wonderful daughter and son-in-law, who always treats me so good on my birthday and all year around! I, so enjoyed spending time with my family, husband, grand-children and great-grand-daughter on my 60th birthday it was all so Awesome! Henrietta, THANK-YOU SO MUCH~ LOVE,MOM

  11. 14

    It looks like you mom had a fabulous 60th birthday! That cake looks delicious, you must have amazing will power to not clear that last piece.

  12. 15

    The carrot cake looks delicious. I’ve tried finding the new Cool Whip frosting to try it but haven’t seen it in any of the local stores yet. Looks like your mom had a splendid birthday.

  13. 16

    The carrot cake recipe has been around for years and I love how you decorate your cake. The last time I tried this recipe, it was not so good. Maybe I should try this rec ipe once more again and see whether it will work as expected.


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