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Our granddaughter may only be a month old now but we know that before long, she’ll be getting into everything she can reach! That’s why when she comes to visit, we need to have fun toys and baby friendly activities to keep her entertained. 

The new ExerSaucer Jump & Learn Activity Center from Evenflo is just the thing to rouse her curiosity while keeping her safe! Even though Little Girl is too small to enjoy her new toy at the moment, she did seem to like the activity center when we gently set her in it for a few minutes. Her eyes opened wide and she quieted for a few seconds to look around. We can’t wait to see her play with it in a few months or so, when she can hold her head up better.


This new type of ExerSaucer is fancier than the old walker my son had, or even the fun ExerSaucer my daughter had years ago. I think it’s really neat that this one combines a stationary jumper with a spinning seat surrounded by a variety of fun toys and activities for baby.


All of the toys have a clip at the bottom that allows you to move them around, or take along with you when you’re on the run. Baby will have a blast playing and learning at the same time. The jumping, bouncing, spinning and rocking action will help develop baby’s muscles and all of the reaching and playing will help improve those gross motor skill.

There are a lot of fun learning toys for baby, including a cute lion head that sets on the end of a large leaf, a swirly jungle branch equipped with a swinging plush monkey and a floppy- necked giraffe with colorful rings around his neck.


There are also two larger learning pods that set in the tray part of the seat, these too can be moved around along with the little open tray that’s perfect for snacks. You will need 9 AAA batteries for all of the activities. The Elephant has a little mouse friend that munches on cheese along with music and crunching sounds. They slide back and forth along with the lights. 

The cute little book activity pod has several “pages” to turn with different sounds, music and lights for each page. There is a half ring above the book that holds a rhinoceros and a tiger bead to slide. A cute little leaf mirror and a big leafy teether round out the included toys.


I love that the seat cover is easy to remove and machine washable, it will surely need to be run through the wash many times once Little Girl gets to playing! Three height adjustments make this Activity Jumper have a long lifespan — little ones can play in it until they are 30″ tall, or until their feet sit flat on the floor at the highest setting. It is very easy to adjust the height with the twist of the button.

The straps that hold the seat and tray aloft are sturdy and the bases of the straps are covered with soft fabric to prevent injury to curious fingers. The straps are held on via a metal clip that sits against the bottom of the seat. Evenflo has done a great job at making sure parents (and grandparents) feel comfortable with the safety level of this activity jumper center.

You can just see that Little Girl wants to grab those toys! Soon little one, soon!


Where to buy and how to stay in touch!

The Safari Friends Jump & Learn ExerSaucer is available for purchase from many retailers both online and off, including Babies “R” Us, Kmart, Sears, Target, Diapers.com and Amazon.com. It’s currently priced at $109.95 on Amazon. The Jump & Learn is also available in the Jungle Quest, My First Pet, and Jam Session themes. To keep up to date with Evenflo promotions and fun new items like this one, check out the Evenflo Facebook and Twitter pages.

Although we received a complimentary product as part of a promotional program from Evenflo, all thoughts and opinions are genuine and 100% our own.
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  1. 1

    What a fun exersaucer! I bet your granddaughter will LOVE it as she gets older!

  2. 2

    that is so cute, makes me what a baby in the house, maybe just parttime :)

  3. 3

    That looks like a fun ExerSaucer! I am sure your granddaughter is going to get A LOT of use out of it over the next year or so :)

  4. 4

    We were gifted one of these for our youngest, and he loved it for a really long time. We passed it on to our niece who had a little one just as our son was outgrowing it, and her baby loved it for a long time too!

    Your granddaughter is a pretty little baby girl!

  5. 5

    OOh this looks like a fabulous exersaucer! She is going to love it when she is able to start playing. BTW love her top!

  6. 7

    What a great way to keep a little one entertained!

  7. 8

    My kids loved their exersaucer!

  8. 9

    It does look fun. We bought a Rainforest jumperoo for my son and stopped playing with it after 2 weeks

  9. 10

    This looks like lots of fun. Yes I’m sure my grand daughter would love something like that, I know I would!

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