Busy moms love the VTech Multitasking Phone System #review

VTechLogoTalking on the phone is a part of life — no matter how much I would rather not! I am so not a phone person. Having two active children makes talking on the phone a necessity though so why not make it enjoyable!

I was very excited to try out the new VTech Multitasking Phone System (LS6475-3) recently. The cordless phone that we have been using since last year has never worked correctly. When I would pick up the handset to answer the phone, I would have to say hello THREE times before the person on the other end of the phone would hear me. By the time I got to the third hello, I would unintentionally sound annoyed! Also, if we wanted to read the caller id, then we would have to race to look at the screen before the first ring was over or it would disappear!  I think all of that explains why were so ready for a new phone!

The VTech LS6475-3 Multitasking phone system is more than just a simple phone – it’s also packed with a ton of Mom friendly features to make life easier! Let’s see what’s in the box!

  • 2 Cordless Handsets
  • 1 Cordless Handset with earbud attachment
  • Handset Charger and adapter
  • Telephone Base and adapter w/ answering machine
  • 2 Handset Batteries and battery covers
  • Telephone line cord
  • 3 additional earbuds for size preference
  • 3 Ear Hooks for a comfortable fit
  • 1 Head Band
  • User Manual and Quick Start Guide

VTech phone system

That’s a lot of goodies!

I have never owned a phone with an ear headset before but I am really enjoying this feature, it’s so nice to be able to have the option of a hands-free telephone conversation! I think I’ll be getting a lot of use out of the ear headset this summer while I’m gardening, hanging out laundry or even while doing the dishes! I haven’t tried the head band yet, it seems a bit too large for my head but my hubby tried it and said that he liked it better than just the ear headset! I love that we can have it both ways :). 

There are a ton of features on this Multi-Tasking Headset Phone that make it a super convenient phone and I’m going to list a few of my favorite things so that this post won’t grow too large!

  • I love that I can choose different ring styles and that the ring is LOUD enough to actually hear wherever I am in the house, even from the porch if turned up all the way.
  • I really love both the speaker phone option and the walkie-talkie/intercom option! These two features make the phone extremely useful!
  • It’s great that the answering machine is built right into the phone base, the whole system has a very slim footprint and requires one less outlet.

VTech LS6475-3 phone system

And even more features:

  • This is a small detail but I like that there is a clear plastic lip on the phone chargers so that I can be sure my handset is seated correctly for charging.
  • Maybe my favorite feature – the headsets announce the caller id information right from the headsets themselves! I love this! If I don’t want to get up to answer the phone or if I’m busy, I can just wait to see if the call is important or not before dropping everything to run and look at the screen! Genius!
  • Both headsets and the ear headset have great sound quality, very clear and callers can hear me from the moment I press the talk button, unlike my old phone!
Guess what? There are even more features that I haven’t even had a chance to fully use myself — like the 50 name and number directory, audio equalizer and the ability to remotely retrieve the answering machine messages from the headset. I’m very pleased with every feature I’ve tried out so far and was also glad to learn that I can add up to 12 cordless handsets to my system if ever the need should arise!

Keep up to date with VTech

To learn more about the LS6475-3 VTech Multitasking phone system, visit www.vtechphones.com. You can also check out the VTech Facebook page and @VTech411 Twitter handle to stay up to date on current news, sales and promotions. This phone would be a great gift for the busy mom in your life!

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I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of VTech and received a product sample to facilitate my review.
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    The multitasking phone seems to be a pretty interesting one, I love. I am gonna get it soon.

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    I need this phone. Our phone battery won’t stay charged, so this would be one I would definitely purchase! No more kinked neck!!


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