Excuse me while I obsess over building a computer and frozen water pipes

You may or may not have noticed that I have been mostly absent from the blog since well before the holiday season. What started out as a short hiatus from the blog, to enjoy spending time with the kids and family over break, ended up turning into an “I’ll just take one more day off, […]

Tech Gifts : HP Chromebook 14 #Giveaway

Have a tech lover in the house? Then you may have heard all about this hot new electronic already! The new HP Chromebook 14 lets you access Google Chrome apps and your favorite websites, using the lightning fast Chrome OS. And, they’ll look gorgeous on the 14″ diagonal HD screen! A Chromebook is the perfect […]

Busy moms love the VTech Multitasking Phone System #review

Talking on the phone is a part of life — no matter how much I would rather not! I am so not a phone person. Having two active children makes talking on the phone a necessity though so why not make it enjoyable! I was very excited to try out the new VTech Multitasking Phone […]