Visit Deer Park at Pymatuning Lake in Jamestown, Pa

The area in and around Pymatuning State park is filled with a wide array of places to visit during the summer season. On Saturday Super G. and I took the kids to just one of the local attractions, Deer Park. Pymatuning Deer Park is located in Jamestown, PA, at the southernmost tip of Pymatuning Lake. In operation since 1953, the small zoo is bulging at the seams with over 250 exotic and domestic animals. It’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon.

You’ll be greeted at the entrance by a large herd of Fallow Deer, they’ll follow you along the fence line licking their lips and staring at you with their big pleading brown eyes, which will make you want to buy enormous amounts of $1 treat bags to dole out. They’re excited to get one but very gentle and so cute!

fallow deer pen

After you rip yourself away from them to venture further into the park you’ll see a large pen with colorful birds of all sorts inside. Pretty peacocks, pheasants, a chicken or two and a ton of others I don’t the names of. The trio of donkey’s lounging in the shade next to the bird pen need to be petted as you wander by.

You’ll have a nice view of the petting area as you walk the uphill sloping boardwalk, then ooh and ahh over the tiniest little monkeys, called marmosets, you’ve ever seen in the center pen before traveling onward.

donkey peacock marmoset at deer park

If you’re lucky like we were, the black spotted leopard will be laying right out in the front of his enclosure so you can snap a picture while standing just feet away. You’ll marvel at how his soft fur gleams in the dappled sunlight. You’ll wish you could snuggle with him but know by the look of his companion that they would probably have other activities, like lunch, in mind. There are wallabies, reindeer, ostriches, and playful zebras who all are curious and happy to see you.

zebra, black spotted panther, wallaby at Deer Park

Don’t miss the “Deer Park Express” miniature train! Hop aboard for a little break from walking. It’s fun to see how many deer you can spot in the trees. If you look closely you might even catch a glimpse of the Timber Wolves taking an afternoon nap.

View of a deer family from the train

After the train ride you can take a stroll through the Wild West where a very large bear and an unlikely unicorn will stop for a quick photo. Watch out though or you could find yourself behind bars!

kids photos at deer park

In the little store you can find bags of “Authentic Mining Rough” for sale. They might look like they’re just filled with a bunch of dirt but if you take it outside to the water run you can “pan for gold”. You won’t be disappointed as each bag has 4 or 5 ounces of gorgeous natural gemstones and minerals hiding inside. In the two bags we panned, we found Labradorite, Green Quartz, Flourite, Tiger Eye, Green Aventurine, Emerald Calcite, Fossilized Lime Stone, Gastropod and Fool’s Gold just to name a few.

panning for rocks and gold at deer Park

The Siberian Tigers are a favorite of course! Being able to see them so close up is such a treat

White Siberian Tiger at Deer Park

Young and old will enjoy a visit to the “Kiddie Zoo” where you can pet a large number of roaming moochers cuties. Abundant with goats, you’ll also find an adorable miniature horse that you wonder if anyone would notice missing, . The striped legged Zedonk just might be one of the sweetest animals in the whole petting area!

zedonk, goats and mini horse in the Deer Park petting zoo

Certainly the funniest animals in the Kiddie Zoo are the mob of llamas and alpacas. They won’t scoff at a handout and in fact are most insistent that you give them something… anything… to eat. Just a nibble or lick please! Your family might even have the most laughs of the day whilst standing in front of that silly llama pen.

llamas and alpacas at deer Park

There are so many more animals there that I can’t even remember them all! We are already planning a trip back to see the Black bears, their exhibit was closed due a tree falling on the building (animals are fine!).

Deer Park is one of the hidden gems of Pa. Even on a hot 90 degree day, the shady grounds and the fun of animal interaction made for a family outing that even the moody teenager enjoyed.

family outing to Deer Park Jamestown, Pa


A completely unsolicited un–sponsored post about a place that my family and I truly love!
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  1. 1

    What an amazing park! A lot of people here in Cleveland go to Pymatuning but I’ve never heard of this park. If we ever make it over that way, we’ll be sure to go, I’m sure my preschoolers would love it!

    • 2

      It really is such a fun place! I LOVE that most of it is shaded too so it’s like taking a walk in the woods :) I hope you get to it someday, the little ones would love to be able to feed all the animals!

  2. 3

    Okay, that is seriously the coolest park ever. I’m a huge lover of deer (even though my dad hunts them, ugh) and just love watching them.

  3. 4

    What an amazing place! This looks like such a great place to spend the day at.

  4. 5

    I’m glad you and the kids got to go to Deer Park at Pymatuning Lake in Jamestown, Pa. Just think this park is as old as your Do you remember your dad & I use to take you there alot when you where little! We had a wonderful days there. I’m glad to see you taking our grand-kids there now:)Looks like you all enjoy a beautiful day! LOVE you all, MOM

  5. 6

    that looked like a lot of FUN:) <3333

  6. 8
    Dentist West Hollywood says

    Looks like a great time. If I am ever out that way, I’ll be sure to visit… But in the meantime, thanks for taking us all along for the ride with these pictures! :)

  7. 9
    Zsuzsa Palotas says

    People, wake up. That place is a hellhole roadside zoo. Even their website lists “biscuit-begging black bears”. When will we stop using animals for our own lousy entertainment…? Please go out in nature, enjoy any one of PA’s state/local parks, but don’t support a roadside zoo.


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