Essentials Every Hunter Needs

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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reported there were over 37 million licensed hunters in the United States in 2018. If you’re looking to hunt for the first time, perhaps purchasing hunting land for sale in Michigan or if you have plans to hunt anywhere else, there are certain essentials you’ll want to have.

A Compass and Map

While most smartphones today come with a compass, it’s always a good idea to carry a classic one, along with a terrain map when you’re out hunting. You never know how long that cell phone battery will last, and you may want to conserve it in case of an emergency.

A Light Source

Again, many of us use the “flashlight” on our phones, but that’s really not good enough for long periods out in the dark. What happens if you shoot a deer late in the evening and end up dressing it after dark? A headlamp is ideal as you’ll be able to keep your hands free without having to try and balance a flashlight between your shoulder and face.

First-Aid Kit

Carry a compact first-aid kit – it can go a long way when it comes to minor injuries, including stings, bites, cuts and scrapes. Be sure that it contains tweezers, a small pair of scissors, adhesive bandages, adhesive tape, antiseptic, safety pins and acetaminophen. You may want to add other items like water treatment tablets and/or prescription medications too.

Knives and a Knife Sharpener

Hunters should always have multiple knives, including a large, high quality sheath knife for gutting and skinning, as well as a pocket knife. Of course, if those knives are dull, they’re rendered pretty much worthless – and, they can become dull quickly while out in the field cutting through joints, skinning game, etc., which means a knife sharpener is essential too.

Scent Blocker

Controlling your natural scent is a must when deer hunting as the animals have a very sharp sense of smell. If they catch a whiff or your scent downwind, there’s a good chance you’ll leave empty handed. While it’s just about impossible to eliminate it entirely, there are multiple products that can help you get close to being odor-free, from clothing to special shower kits, sprays and more. Or, you can simply try mixing vanilla with water and strategically using it across your body.

An Emergency Whistle

A safety/emergency whistle to use in case of an emergency, from getting lost to a severe injury, is a must for helping others to locate you quickly, especially when you’re wearing full camouflage and will be hard to spot.

Extra Socks

It’s no fun being outdoors in sopping wet socks which can easily happen if you step into a puddle. You’ll be a lot more comfortable if you have an extra pair to switch into.


Binoculars aren’t just essential for spotting distant game, but they can help you see other hunters you may not have known were there otherwise.

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