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My poor blog has been neglected lately! I haven’t been able to find the time I need to sit down and get anything done! We’ve been so busy I feel like a chicken running around without a head! hahah! Chicken, get it?? no?? oh well, I’m tired and make no sense!

Any who, we’ve gone school shopping for both the children this week…. twice… at least. On Tuesday I was drenched in a torrential downpour while running to fetch the truck at Walmart while the kids waited inside for me. A huge bolt of lightning chose to CRACK, light up the sky, and scare the living crap out of me just as I was reaching to remove a shopping cart from the side of the truck – while holding a plastic shopping bag over my sopping head. Then my son insisted on still getting his haircut because, after all, that was the whole point of going to Wally World. So, I sat at the hair salon looking like a drenched rat and freezing in the air conditioning for 30 minutes :) Then I took the kids to Wendy’s because what the heck, I was still sopping and freezing, but hungry! Our son had Freshman – Freshman!!!! – Freshman!!! – orientation Tuesday as well. I can’t believe my boy is going into high school! I’m so excited for everything he’ll get to do this year!

Oh and Pie got bit in the toe by a gardener snake right before her friend was dropped of to spend the night! She was fine but I felt so sorry for her because her exact words were “Mom, I was so terrified!”

Wednesday we took Pie to get her first haircut at the salon. She has such fine hair that doesn’t grow very fast so we’ve always just trimmed it a bit at home. She loved being pampered and her hair looked totally cute after being layered and straightened – rocker chick style :) After that we went off to the mall. Mr.T. actually bought 90% of his own school clothes this year with money he earned during a summer work program! He thought it was great and really did a good job in picking out what he wanted! Mostly from Hot Topic, they were having a good buy one get one 1/2 off sale on the band shirts he wanted. Pie and I found shoes at Payless, she got a pair of dress shoes, a pair of dressy flip flops and cute brown boots she can wear with skirts or jeans, I found a pair of adorable wedge sandals. We got all 4 pair for only $32.00! They were having a buy one get one 1/2 off sale as well!

Thursday is a blur. We completely removed EVERYTHING from Pie’s room and put it into the living room (what a stinkin’ mess!) just so we could take down her bunk bed! Then we organized, sorted, purged, sorted some more and somehow managed to neatly fit everything back into her room again! All this by 5pm so I could cook supper and get Pie to cheer leading practice that evening by 6! Practice let out early because we had another nasty storm move in. It turned black before we got home and then it just poured! The storm did give us an absolutely beautiful rainbow though and a beautiful sunset!

It was Super Genius’s birthday on Friday so we decided to go to Frenzy Friday at Conneaut Lake Park. I am so mad at myself because I forgot to take the camera along! We had such a good time though! For $10.00 all 4 of us got to ride rides all day (well 7 hours anyway)! This was the first time we’ve gone together as a family to an amusement park. The only rides my poor kids have been on are the local fair ones, once a year! I know, they’re just so deprived! lol. Anyway, we went on all of them together! Bumper Cars (my pedal was STUCK!), Tilt-A-Whirl (our favorite, we were really spinning), The Witches Brew, TumbleBugs (Oh I hate that one!), Train Ride, Devils Den (lovely gum decorated wall, eww!), The Carousal, I can’t remember anymore! We also watched a fun illusionist show where a couple did some escape tricks.

It was such a beautiful day that we paid $5.00 each and took the 50 minute ferry boat ride around the lake. It was very relaxing just sitting there with the wind in our faces and watching the waves and clouds. The lake cottages were beautiful and we seen a few interesting boats and rafts floating about!

Now we’re to Saturday, what did we do today? Well, we slept in until 9:00 because we were pretty whooped from the Park yesterday! Pie and I finally started sorting out her closets and got most of it done before the 3 pm game she had to cheer at (we were 10 minutes late darn it!). Our team won! Woohoo, go Cowboys!

Now that I’ve written you a book, and my living room is full of boxes, bags, and things that we are taking to the flea market to sell very early in the morning – if it doesn’t pour – I’m going to bed! I promise once the kiddos are back to school – Wednesday! Sad & happy at the same time!! – I will be able to post regularly again!

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