Super Genius – Look What I found Honey!

Super Genius has went insane…. wait… Super G. might be more insane than he was before ;) Just look what he came home with yesterday! This my friends is what apparently happens when a man, or at least my man, has spring fever. Or what I also like to call – “Let’s-see-what-else-I-can-fit-into-the-driveway-itis”. He buys a […]

Cleopatra the Cat had a very surprising surprise!

Cleo the Cat was not just fat as I had thought. She had been, in fact, hiding something sweet and cute and precious. Two little bundles that look just like their mother :)Kittens arrived on June 3rd! Ginger now feels her mission in life to is guard over Cleo and the kittens. She really hates […]

The Best Hubby Ever!

Guess what…. Hubby brought me home a surprise last night! Wanna know what it was? 2 Barred Rocks 4 White Leghorns & 3 Ameraucanas :) I Love Chicks! Mr. Puff likes chicks too :) Lots of chicks.

My First Blog Award!

I have just been awarded this wonderful, lovely blog award from Tammy at Frugal Southern Mom. Actually, I was awarded this 10 days ago!! I didn’t forget, I just haven’t had a chance to sit down and finish this post! So sorry it’s taken me ~FOREVER~ Tammy! Thank you so much for my very first […]