Choosing Ideal Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are an unusual mix of wall covering, storage space, and functional items. They create the room’s mood as well as helping the occupant meet daily needs while simultaneously influencing lighting. As a result, choosing these items can be a very complex process. Meeting all these conflicting needs with a single product is a […]

From Flooring to Fixtures: 5 Tips for Your Home Remodel

My husband is a general contractor so I often hear first hand how hesitant his clients can be when they are thinking about doing any kind of home renovation. A home remodel can be a truly daunting and often stressful task! From deciding what color to paint your walls, to what type of flooring is […]

Floor & Decor has DIYers covered with affordable renovation supplies

Chris and I have dreams of owning a fixer upper someday. Since eh is a contractor, we plan to do all of the remodeling and fixing ourselves. While some may think it a daunting task, we cannot wait! My dream is to remodel my future kitchen. I’ll be able to create a functional and stylish […]

Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen The Easy Way

Having a general contractor for a husband means that, for the most part, we can do all of our DIY projects ourselves. Occasionally though, we do need to hire someone for specific construction related jobs such as electric or furnace work. Being DIY’ers, we know that taking on a home improvement project, such as remodeling […]