How to Get Your Home Just the Way You Want It…And Keep It That Way


Most people think of their homes as an extension of their personalities. The way we build, decorate, and use our homes is a reflection of how we live. If we like a luxurious lifestyle, we set it up accordingly. If we want to focus on energy efficiency, we do that as well.

This process of personalization is fairly easy when we are building a new home from the ground up, but it’s very different when we are renovating an existing home we’ve bought. Many of us will go through a number of major renovations even when we did build the home to our specifications.

It is very important to look at all aspects of a renovation before you take one on. A solid planning process will not only help you get the home to look the way you want it to but will also help you maintain it.

Get the Right Sequence

When we get into a renovation, we often get excited about one particular element and lose sight of the appropriate order for the work. When that happens, you can do one step too early and make the next step more difficult–and more expensive.

As you read up on installing hardwood flooring, you might feel so ready to start the job that you do it before other tasks like painting. Then you find yourself carefully spreading drop cloths and applying tape when you could have painted over the old floor with no worries.

Try to stay focused. Generally, you’ll start with any necessary upgrades to plumbing, electrical, and HVAC, then the necessary repairs to drywall or plaster. You’ll follow that with the removal of old flooring, then painting, and wrap up construction with the installation of flooring before installing fixtures like appliances.

Protect Your Work

The only thing more expensive than renovating is repairing things after renovating. Don’t ignore potential future problems that may be discovered during renovation work. For instance, if you see signs of termites in the Mile-High City, contact an exterminator Denver residents trust to get a thorough treatment before encasing colonies and damage behind new materials.

Think about warranties as well. Everything from your heat pump to your paint may carry some form of assurances from the manufacturer. Be sure you understand and register any guarantees on appliances or materials, and be careful not to make the common mistakes that void warranties. Those include things like attempting your own repairs and installing parts incorrectly. Also, verify that any contractors are insured and that any warranties they provide are ironclad. You should also check them out before you even hire them.

Think Ahead

The only thing more certain than a renovation is another renovation in the future. During each one, keep an eye out for things that could cause problems the next time. Damaged or rotting structural members, undersized utilities, and cracked foundations are just a few examples. They may not be a problem yet, but if you address them now, they won’t be a problem next time. In the case of water issues, mold and humidity problems could emerge long before the next upgrade.

If you’re doing a renovation in order to flip a house, you may not be too worried about the next upgrade. However, it can be a very strong selling point to inform a potential buyer that you noticed and addressed problems like these during the renovation. Their offer will gravitate much closer to your asking price.

Upgrades and customization to our homes is a very important part of making it our own. When things are set up just the way we want them, we can get many years of enjoyment out of our own personal touches. The key to this process is planning renovations and decor carefully so that they don’t turn into more expense and hassle as time goes by.

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