Teen Beach Movie – Disney Channel Original Movie + a Blue(berry) Hawaii Bread Recipe

 We received Disney Channel “Teen Beach Movie” products in exchange for a post about the film. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. We can’t wait to watch Teen Beach Movie on July 19th, Woo! We’re a third of the way through summer vacation already! We haven’t been able to get many outdoor […]

Wicked Good Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

When you have an over abundance of zucchini, you must find creative ways to get everyone in the house to eat it, whether they like zucchini or not. These chocolate zucchini muffins are the perfect way to entice your family to eat their veggies. Plus, they are so good, I cannot stop eating them! Help! I […]

A very delicious Banana Bread recipe

The other day I had a pile of overripe bananas sitting on the counter. I remembered seeing a recipe for buttermilk banana bread on Penelopesoasis.com that sounded quick and delicious so I printed it out and whipped it up! I made a few adjustments to the already perfect recipe, it turned out so well that […]

Pepperoni and Cheese Balls and Bread with frozen dough

We bought the store out, so we decided to make our own! Super G. decided that since we always seem to buy up all of the pepperoni balls at the grocery store, that we should start making our own instead. Pepperoni Balls are the easiest things to make — all they are is dough, pepperoni […]

How to shape bread dough into a bunny bread bowl and buns!

This cute little bunny bread bowl will be the highlight of your Spring (or Easter) party! While you could easily use frozen bread {like this bread} to make this bread bowl, homemade bread is super easy to mix up and will taste so much better! I used a double batch of my favorite homemade roll […]

Perfectly Delicious Butter Biscuits #recipe

I am a bread fiend, fanatic and lover. I would not survive without bread in some form! These biscuits are my absolute favorite. They always turn out perfectly and they are so easy to whip up for a fast bread fix. I call them butter biscuits because they are so good that you don’t really […]

Extra Fluffy Pancakes with white chocolate chips #recipe

No one was hungry for supper last night so I decided to make myself some pancakes. And no, not from a box mix, homemade pancakes are super simple and so much better! After a few minutes of pancake cooking, I did manage to lure two family members to the kitchen. They must have smelled pretty […]

Ooey Gooey Walnut Sticky Rolls Recipe

How I’m ever going to lose weight when I am compelled to make things like this is beyond me. Looking through a stack of old cookbooks I ran across my 1978 edition of Family Circle “Breads and Sweet Rolls”, Heaven help me. Walnut Stickies practically leapt off the page and screamed eat me. So I […]

Preserving Peaches and a Peach Muffin Recipe

I think my feet are just about dead! I’ve been standing on them for what seems like days! I spent most of today “putting up” the big bushel box of peaches we bought from an Amish friend yesterday. What takes the longest is blanching and peeling the peaches, then cutting them up. After that the […]

Big Beautiful Blueberry Muffins

Sometimes I feel like such a bad mom. I get so wrapped up in my blog, the Internet, avoiding household chores other things that I forget about dinner. Or, I don’t feel like cooking. So what do we end up eating? Hamburger helper. Or chicken patties. Or doctored up Hamburger helper. When I found myself […]

Easy Drop Biscuits Recipe

I love having some kind of bread with almost every dinner. It may not be the best practice when you’re trying to eat better but bread is my treat! These biscuits are a good quick addition to a pot of potato soup or beef stew.   Easy Drop Biscuits Recipe   Save Print Prep time […]

No Fail Yeast Rolls Recipe

Homemade rolls are a favorite in our home. I love trying new recipes for them and also have a few stand by favorites. This recipe is one I use when I’m short on time. The rolls are delicious, dense and yeasty; perfect for potato soup dipping! Plus it makes a large batch, I can serve […]