{almost} Wordless Wednesday – Purple Plum Tree #ww

When we moved here over seven years ago, I dug up and brought a bunch of plants and flowers from the old house. One was a tiny little purple plum tree. You know the kind that you order from a seed catalog and it comes looking like a dead stick with roots?¬† Well, once I […]

Keep All Natural SunRype Fruit Snacks in the Cupboard! #SunRype

We like to keep a variety of snacks on hand at our house. What can I say, we are munchers! Besides having fresh fruits and veggies in the fridge, I also have a bin in the cupboard that I keep all the snacks for the family — there are crackers, pretzels, gummies, granola bars, popcorn […]

Preserving Peaches and a Peach Muffin Recipe

I think my feet are just about dead! I’ve been standing on them for what seems like days! I spent most of today “putting up” the big bushel box of peaches we bought from an Amish friend yesterday. What takes the longest is blanching and peeling the peaches, then cutting them up. After that the […]