Healthy food alternatives

This wonderful infographic will take you through some of the best healthy food alternatives that you should most definitely take under consideration. Some miso soup from Clearspring would be a great alternative from the usual sandwich, it’s not only a lot tastier but it is also so much better for you. Another example would be replacing your occasional milkshake for a smoothie, this one isn’t a massive change as they are both basically same thing. One just has a lot more flavour to it, which is of course the smoothie, so in theory you are replacing the unhealthier version for the tastier drink. Blend your favourite fruits to make your own or just freeze a big batch and save it for later. Either let it defrost throughout the day, or eat it as a smoothie ice lolly. Please see the infographic for some more great healthy alternatives.

Another healthy alternative would be to eat sweet potato instead of white potato, while both contain a strong amount of nutritional value. Sweet potatoes have fewer carbs and calories and higher vitamins. Sweet potatoes are also a lot tastier, so this makes this alternative a very easy one, because you are substituting a potato for the more flavoursome other. Another great dietary swap you should most definitely take under consideration is is to substitute Cow’s milk for Almond milk. Cow’s milk contains a lot of calcium; however, it’s not absorbed well by other bodies. Especially not when compared to plant based milk. How do you incorporate healthy swaps into your daily diet?

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  1. Great list! I’ve been putting almonds on salad and it tastes really great. Will definitely try using coconut oil instead of butter. Looking forward to more.

  2. As a food fanatic, it is sometimes hard to pass up the good eats for a more expensive price, however planning ahead is super beneficial. I appreciate all of the helpful tips for healthy eats vs unhealthy. Love that it is possible to have the same meal/snack but healthier, for cheaper

  3. Hello, healthy food is very important for health. To remain healthy we should need a proper diet. If we don’t take a proper diet many diseases include in our body. I appreciate your tips that you, mention in the article. Thanks for the article.

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