What makes European countries so healthy?

Have you ever been aware of the fact that your life expectancy might depend on the country you live in? Well, this infographic is about to shed light on just that. We all know that habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol drinking can reduce your lifespan, but this infographic has taken each country as a whole to calculate the overall life expectancy – it is amazing how it differs. Are you living in the healthiest country? If not, can you spot your country?

The country with the highest lifespan in Europe is in fact Sweden, with a total life expectancy of 82.4 years. With a population of 10 million and tobacco intake as small as 8.4%, it is no surprise that Sweden are outliving other countries.

Out of the largest European countries, Russia falls in last place with a life expectancy of 70.5 years. It is amazing to think that this is 12 years less than Sweden – what has such a huge impact and can it be stopped? The obesity rate in Russia is 23.9%, meaning almost a quarter of it’s population is suffering. As well as this, the tobacco intake in Russia is a whopping 40%, which may be a reasoning for the 63.04% air quality.

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