Top Three Picks for Must See Family Movies in 2015

movie stackWhen we’re not having family movie night at home, you can usually find us at the nearest movie theater checking out the latest flicks. Aside from being able to watch the magic happen on the big screen, you also get to create new moments together. My kids and I especially enjoy the extra butter popcorn and extra large slurpees that we drink until our tongues turn colors. We often like to wait a few weeks after a movie has been released before we head to the nearest theater. Truth be told, we all have this horrible habit of talking to the characters in the movie as if they can hear us.

You know the kicker about movies, however, is that you never really know if it’s going to be a hit or miss. I for one hate spending all that money on a movie only to find that it was a flop. So before we decide which feature film we’re going to go see, I do my homework. I check out movie trailers online, see what the cast has to say in their interviews, and also read over what the critics have to say. By checking all of these options, I typically find some great movies for me and my children to enjoy. With 2015 on the horizon, we’ve picked our top three must see family films for next year.

1.  Minions

Oh how my youngest daughter enjoys getting a good laugh off of Dispicable Me one and two. There’s something about those crazy minions that makes her smile all over. So you can only imagine how surprised she was to find that the minions will be starring in their own movie next year. Here’s the storyline basics:

So Universal pictures decided it would be a good idea to discuss the very existence of the minions. The story starts at the beginning of time as minions evolve. Their main purpose in life is to serve their despicable maters. However, every time they try, there is something that gets in the way which eventually leads to depression. That is until Kevin, Stuart, and Little Bob come up with a plan to find a new boss to follow. They travel until they find their new master Scarlet Overkill (played by Sandra Bullock). However, during their travels the minions must also go on a quest to save all of their friends from total annihilation.

2.  Cinderella

I know what you’re thinking… the story of Cinderella has been told so many times that there can’t possibly be any way to put a new spin on it. While I’ve enjoyed ever feature film about this enchanting princess, I couldn’t help but put this on my list of movies to see next year. My preteen was also pretty hyped. In case you’ve never heard the story of Cinderella:

Much like the other stories, the movie Cinderella follows the life of Ella, the daughter of a merchant. Upon the death of her mother, her father remarries. Ella in an effort to please her father welcomed her stepmother as well as her two daughters Anastasia and Drisella. As the rest of the story goes Ella’s father soon passes away leaving her in the care of her now “evil” stepmother and stepsisters. Empowered by the words of wisdom her mother passed on to her, Ella is determined to remain strong and have courage. Ella then meets a prince in the woods, and falls head over hills. After being told she couldn’t go to the ball by her stepmother Ella’s life is changed forever by a beggar woman, a pumpkin, and a few mice.

3.  The Peanuts Movie

I think I’ve waited for this all my life! I watch the Christmas special every single year with my children and now to see that Charlie Brown and the crew are back…. Well, let’s just say I’ll be at the theaters opening night.

The peanuts movie will be in 3D (which my kids enjoy). This animated feature will not only feature the original gang, but will also focus on everyone’s favorite beagle – Snoopy! As he goes on what is being referred to as one of his biggest missions yet, Snoopy teams up with his friends to take on their arch-nemesis. Meanwhile, Charlie is on his own adventure back home.

It was hard to narrow our list down to three seeing as how we’re all big movie buffs, but there you have it. I certainly hope the movie lives up to our expectations as we create more memories together. Tell me, what types of movies are you looking forward to see in 2015?

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    I’m with you on all of these, plus a few more :). Can’t wait to see them.

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    Oh yes, I will be at The Peanuts movie too! :) I love Charlie Brown and the gang.

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