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Bracketron NanoTek Stand

In this world, it’s second nature to have our smartphones within reach at all times. I often keep mine close at hand while I’m working on the computer, though it’s a pain to stop and pick it up to browse the web while trying to type with the other hand. And, it’s pretty much impossible to prop my slippery smartphone up by itself so I listen to music or watch a movie while I’m writing. I recently received a NanoTek universal smartphone stand for review from Bracketron and I am in love with this simple yet oh so useful gadget!

The NanoTek is a great smartphone stand for desk use, bedside table, counter, etc. The lightweight stand is made with aircraft grade aluminum and uses an exclusive NanoTek mounting technology to securely grip your desk and your devices in either a horizontal or vertical position. The special gripping surface leaves no residue whatsoever on your device or mounting surface. You can pick it up and move it anytime you want to, with no resistance — yet it stays put when you want it to hold your device while resting or charging.

Bracketron NanoTek Universal Stand

The stylish design of the NanoTek universal stand allows for the power to cord to be kept neatly in place while keeping your desk clutter-free.

I absolutely love that I don’t have to worry about the stand fitting any of our various smartphones — it’s compatible with most models of handheld cell phones and smartphones, iPods and mp3 players. The stand is super durable and very portable so I see it getting a lot of use in our home!

Now, if I can just stop watching movies from my Amazon library, I’ll be able to easily check my texts and social media updates from my phone — while working on the computer! I also need to keep an eye on my new stand — my teen daughter saw it immediately the day the stand arrived and wanted to steal it! Guess what Santa is leaving in her stocking this year ;)


Where to buy Bracketron’s NanoTek smartphone stand:

The universal NanoTek smartphone stand is one of my Holiday Gift Guide featured picks! You’ll find it available for purchase at, Best Buy stores nationwide and The stand retails for $34.99 but is currently on sale for $29.99 — making it a great option for gift-giving this holiday season! Any gadget or smartphone lover would be happy to receive the NanoTek stand!

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    What a useful product. It would definitely come in handy while I’m trying to read a recipe off my phone while I am cooking!

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    I LOVE this! I have to get a new cord or two for my phone, it started to expose the wire from so much movement but I love that the stand holds it in place. I think this would be perfect for me in the hospital after birth to watch Netflix ;)

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