Hey! I made it to 5000 Twitter followers $25 PayPal #giveaway!

june giveaway

It’s taken me a couple of years but I have finally made it to 5000 Twitter followers! Woot! I know that may seem like a minuscule amount to most bloggers but I haven’t really done anything to gain followers other than follow other people and add the option to my giveaway posts! (I lie, I did try this legit auto-follower thingy-ma-jig for a few months but it didn’t do much and it was a pain so I stopped using it) Now when I get to 5000 on Facebook, then I’ll really be celebrating! 

So here’s an “I-love-you-so-much-because-you’re-all-awesome-and-cool-and-you-like-me” giveaway for all of my Twitter followers! You’ll get a bunch of extra entry options just because and the lucky winner will get $25.00 cash sent to their PayPal! Yay!

(if you want to enter and don’t do PayPal, then you have the option of receiving a $25 Amazon.com gift card instead, I don’t want to leave anyone out!)

Win $25.00 cash via PayPal!

Thanks to all of my AWESOME Twitter followers one lucky readers will win twenty five buck. WooHoo! 

Entry is super easy using the Rafflecopter form below. Just complete the first mandatory entry to open up a bunch of optional extra entries! Giveaway is open to U.S. ages 18+ only and will end on June 30th 2012 at 12:01am est. Please read the official rules at the bottom of the Rafflecopter form.

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just me loving you :)
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  1. 1

    I just finished Confessions of an Improper Bride

  2. 2

    Congrats!!!!!!! Do Disney Princess books count bc that’s all I read these days!

  3. 4
    nataly carbonell says

    Black and blue

  4. 5
    Richard Morris says

    i’m reading the “Caribbean” by james a michener

  5. 6

    The 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy

  6. 7
    Margaret Smith says

    I’m reading the Hunger Games series.
    Great so far.

  7. 8
    Katherine says

    Rachels Secret by Hof

  8. 9
    Kristyn Martin says

    I am reading Daisy Chain by Mary DeMuth

  9. 10

    PS – my email above doesn’t match the rafflecopter – I am such a pain :) LOL. So the email here matches :)

  10. 12

    you just got another follower :)

  11. 14

    I’m reading Quake by Richard Laymon

  12. 15
    stacey dempsey says

    right now i am reading whitley stribers new book

  13. 16
    sue14625 says

    right now i am reading the Virgin Cure

  14. 17

    I recently read Never Let Me Go

  15. 18
    Ann Fantom says

    I’m currently reading Without Mercy by Lisa Jackson

  16. 19
    Lorna England says

    “1001 things every college student needs to know” LOL which I quizzed my son on!
    Congrats on your followers & thanks for the giveaway!

  17. 21
    Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    Just finished the lifeboat
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  18. 22

    I just finished Ruth Reid’s new book, Brush of an Angel’s Wing

  19. 23

    I’m currently reading Jekyl Island Club.

  20. 24
    Debra L. Guillen says

    The Hobbit

  21. 25
    Rebecca Graham says

    I am currently reading Hollywood Crows by Joseph Wambaugh.

  22. 26

    I’m currently reading “The Leftovers” by Tom Perrotta, and it’s excellent!

  23. 27
    Cynthia C says

    I’m reading 11th Hour by James Patterson.

  24. 28
    Suzanne K says

    reading The Next Always by Nora Roberts

  25. 29
    Barbara Montag says

    I’m reading John Grishman’s book The Innocent Man.
    Thank you.

  26. 30
    ELIZABETH C. says

    Think like a man, act like a lady by Steve Harvey.

  27. 31
    kelly nicholson says

    Leave a comment telling me what book you’re reading or have recently read!

    been so busy..ehh don’t remember

  28. 32
    Kathlean Owens says

    Right now I’m reading “The Alchemist”.

  29. 33

    Shogun by James Clavell

  30. 34

    “Pin one of my recipes” link does not work

  31. 36
    Mary Beth Elderton says

    I’m about to start rereading John Steinbeck. I’ll start with Grapes of Wrath

  32. 37
    Lisa Brown says

    Reading Legion of the Bats

  33. 38
    courtney b says

    i just read the gabby giffords biography

  34. 39
    Jennifer says

    Just finished reading Henry’s Sisters

  35. 40
    Lane Mahnke says

    I’m reading Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris.

  36. 41
    Kyl Neusch says

    hunger games

  37. 42

    I’m reading “The Search Committee”

  38. 43
    Rosemary M. says

    Right now I’m reading The Confusion by Neal Stephenson.

  39. 44
    Jennifer T. says

    I’m reading The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.

  40. 45
    Allison Downes says

    I am reading some of John 1 in the Bible, I havent had much time to read a book latley

  41. 46

    never time to read just a bit of the bible daily.

  42. 47

    i recently read the hunger games triology

  43. 48

    I just finished reading The Line Between Here and Gone. I could not put it down, great book! Now to find another that can compare. Congrats on the following!

  44. 49

    Recently, I finished Eric Clapton’s autobiography. It was absolutely fascinating!

  45. 50

    Just finished reading the accident by Linwood Barclay!
    dalleykt at live dot ca

  46. 51

    The Host by Stephanie Meyer.

  47. 52

    chicken soup for teenage soul letters :)

  48. 53

    I am currently reading “A Dance with Dragons” which is book 5 in the A Game of Thrones series.

  49. 55

    I’m reading Mockingjay right now.

  50. 56
    Selene M. says

    I’m reading Dragonfly in Amber, Book 2 of the Outlander series by Diana Gibaldan

  51. 58

    Currently reading Hope Springs

  52. 59
    susan hartman says

    I am reading You’re not doing it right.

  53. 60

    Currently reading now you see her by James Patterson!

  54. 61

    hubby is reading unbroken

  55. 62

    I’m currently reading An Introduction to Catering for a college class I’m taking

  56. 63
    April V. says

    I’m reading Across a Moonlit Sea by Marsha Canham. It is good.

  57. 64

    I just finished reading Fall of Japan from Time Life books

  58. 65
    Carmen C. says

    I’m reading City of Lost Souls currently!

  59. 66
    Mary Happymommy says

    I recently read Bossypants by Tina Fey.

  60. 67

    I just finished ‘Magic At The Gate’ by Devon Monk

  61. 68

    I’m in between books right now.

  62. 69

    I read Bossy Pants

  63. 70

    Currently reading “Pulphead,” a book of essays.

  64. 71

    I recently read Shantaram and it’s an amazing book

  65. 72
    Jessie C. says

    The Help.

  66. 73
    D Johnson says

    The Picture of Dorian Gray.

  67. 74

    Im finally reading The Lovely Bones!

  68. 75

    Im currently reading Joy Fielding “The Wild Zone”!

  69. 76

    I just finished Piccadilly Jim.

  70. 77
    Erica Barnes says

    I’m reading Gossip by Beth Gutcheon.

  71. 78

    I recently read “Who Stole My Hairy Toe”
    It was a strange kids book.

  72. 80
    Susan Ladd says

    I have not read any books in the last couple of months but, plan too. I would like the GC if I win. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep and hope to win :) Thanks !!!!

  73. 81

    Forever Odd by Dean Koontz

  74. 82

    in process of choosing!

  75. 83

    Just finished “Let’s Pretend this Never Happened”

  76. 84
    David Hollingsworth says

    Since I am an extreme film lover, I’m reading Roger Ebert’s The Great Movies I & II.


  77. 85

    I am currently reading Fifty Shades Darker

  78. 86
    Alicia K says

    i am reading “liberate your head neck and shoulders”

  79. 87
    stacey dempsey says

    right now i am reading the new whitley strieber book communion enigma, I am still on the fence about it, maybe it will get better towards the end lol

  80. 88
    Alicia K says

    i recently read eat pray love

  81. 89

    i haven’t picked up a book in ages…except for the bible

  82. 90

    just finished the idiots guide to smoking meat- wonderful recipes and tips!

  83. 91

    holidays or holy days

  84. 92

    Partials by Dan Wells

  85. 93

    Im finishing up The wild zone by Joy Fielding, then on to Escape By Barbara Delinsky!!!

  86. 94

    I just finished The Last Warner Woman.

  87. 95
    Ashley C says

    I’m currently reading One Thousand Gifts


  88. 96

    I recently re-read Brave New World :)

  89. 97
    Amy Orvin says

    Currently reading Twilight

  90. 98
    Katie Contests says

    I’m s-l-o-w-l-y making my way through Game of Thrones

  91. 99

    One of the books I am currently reading is The Hunger Games.

  92. 100
    Daniel M says

    lord of the rings, on book 2 now

  93. 102
    Pinky Sade says

    I’m reading The Winner’s Edge.

  94. 103
    Ashley Tucker says

    I’m reading Mockingjay in the Hunger games trilogy

  95. 104
    Alicia K says

    now reading anatomy of movement

  96. 105
    Theresa D says

    I am almost finished with The Help.

  97. 108

    I’m reading Cesar Milan’s Book – How to Raise the Perfect Puppy!


  98. 109

    Currently reading My best friends girl- dorothy koomson!
    dalleykt at live dot ca

  99. 110

    I recently read Bring on the Blessings by Beverly Jenkins.

  100. 111

    I’m just about to finish reading the book ‘Game of Thrones’

  101. 112
    Rachel Robertson (Azrael) says

    I am about to start Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyers :)

  102. 113
    janice muegge says

    I am getting ready to start Fifty shades of grey

  103. 114
    Miz Vickik says

    I recently read Frankenstein for the 1st time after all of these years.

  104. 115
    Tara Woods says

    I am currently reading BiteMarks by Drew Cross.

  105. 116

    I’m currently reading Full Tilt by Creston Mapes

  106. 117

    I recently read Gene Wilder’s Kiss Me Like A Stranger. Its great. :)

  107. 118

    The Last Lecture by Randy Pausche.

  108. 119

    I’m reading Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris.

  109. 120

    I just finished Jai Pausch’s Dreaming New Dreams.

  110. 121
    Brooke R. says

    Currently reading: Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang by Chelsea Handler

  111. 122
    Rosanne Morrison says

    I read Halfway to Each Other

  112. 123

    I am reading Odd Thomas currently.

  113. 124
    Diana Miller says

    I’m currently reading Hannibal by Thomas Harris. It’s the third book in the Hanniball Lecter series. It’s actually really good!

  114. 125
    Amanda Hendricks-Selby says

    I decided to open up Helter Skelter again.

  115. 126

    I’m reading Insurgent

  116. 127
    s riches says

    I am reading The Lincoln Lawyer

  117. 128

    I just finished The Tailor of Panama. Thanks for the giveaway.

  118. 129
    Alicia K says

    just read childrens theatre anthology

  119. 130

    Still reading Dorothy Koomson “My best friends girl”. Has anyone read anything by her this is my first book by her, I like it so far!!

  120. 131
    Patricia C. says

    Recently completed Roger Zelazny’s A Night in the Lonesome October. Now working on Frederik Pohl’s The World at the End of Time. I’m on an SF kick!

  121. 132
    Chrystal J. says

    I recently read “The Hunger Games”.

  122. 133
    Ed Nemmers says

    I am currently reading “An Arrow’s Flight” by Mark Merlis!

  123. 134
    Trevor C. says

    jesse ventura’s 63 documents the government doesnt want you to read

  124. 135

    Gave into the hype and started reading the 50 Shades of Grey series. I finished book 2 not sure if I’ll make it to book 3.

  125. 136

    I just started the third book in the Fifty Shades series, Fifty Shades Freed!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  126. 137
    Debra Ford says

    Right now I’m reading A Prayer for Owen Meany

  127. 138

    I’m reading The Hunger Games!

  128. 139

    I’m reading “Quitter” by Jon Acuff, but don’t tell my boss. ;)

  129. 140

    I just finished a book from a mystery series about a woman named Sophie Green. I loved it!!!

  130. 141

    I am reading “She’s Come Undone”. Thank you for the lovely giveaway!
    Erin E
    busymom369 at gmail dot com

  131. 142
    Storm, the Psychotic Housewife says

    I recently finished Elin Hilderbrand’s Summerland.

  132. 143
    julie hawkins says

    I’ve been reading fifty shades of grey

  133. 144
    catherine c says

    i just started reading Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

  134. 145

    I recently finished the book _American Gods_ by Neil Gaiman.

  135. 146
    trisha mckee says

    I’ve been reading a lot of Anne Tyler!

  136. 147

    I am currently reading Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  137. 148

    Currently reading “Game Over”.

  138. 149

    I used to be an avid reader. However, I’ve had to stop due to some severe eye problems. In fact, I’m now having problems even seeing my computer monitor… set at 150%. So I’m sorry to say that I haven’t read any books recently. Sorry. :(

  139. 150

    Congratulations, Henrietta, on reaching 5,000 !! Quite an accomplishment.

  140. 151
    Roger Deming says

    great useful gift

  141. 152
    christal c willdebbie says

    I’am reading “If you really loved me” true crime

  142. 153
    Alicia K says

    currently reading my psychology textbook

  143. 154

    I just finished Catching Fire, book 2 of the Hunger Games trilogy.

  144. 155
    Lisa Brown says

    Still reading Reading Legion of the Bats

  145. 156
    Courtnie Miller says

    I have recently read Ten Cents A Dance by Christine Fletcher

  146. 157
    Marissa Marinucci says

    I’m currently reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma

  147. 158
    Heather S says

    Hunger Games

  148. 159

    I’m currently reading Spanish lesson books. Trying to learn the language.

  149. 160
    Crystal F says

    Recently finished the first two books in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. thank you!

  150. 161

    I just completed Ben Fountain’s ‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’!

    A fascinating read!

  151. 162

    Homesteading the Land

  152. 163
    Dorothy Hubbard says

    The Bakers Wife.

  153. 164
    Vicki D. says

    I just read Linda Evans’ Recipes for Life. I like reading about peoples’ lives. She also has some good recipes that I intend to make.

  154. 165
    Jennifer J says

    I am starting to read the true blood series. Thanks!

  155. 166

    I am reading The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Couponing

  156. 167
    kathy pease says

    i have been reading a book called bulls eye about lyme disease

  157. 168

    Just going to start the hunger games !!

    dalleykt at live dot ca

  158. 169
    shirley zolenski says

    I just read a new Ted Dekker book(can’t think of the name offhand though).

  159. 170
    Charity S says

    The Litigators.

  160. 171

    I’m reading Defending Jacob.

  161. 172

    I am currently reading “Expats” by Chris Pavone.

  162. 173

    I recently finished “Teacher Man” and now am reading “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues”

  163. 174

    I am reading “Las Venas Abiertas de América Latina”

  164. 175
    Sarah Lehan says

    Bummer, dude. Rafflecopter is officially down 9pm MST

  165. 177
    Sarah Lehan says

    Pinterest isn’t working right now either, but their problem sounds planned:
    We’ll be back soon.

    We’ll be upgrading our servers for the next 15 minutes.
    Please try again in a little bit — thank you!


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