A Rooster named Gimli (and a couple of chicks) #ww

I do believe that my rooster, Gimli, thinks that he was born to be in front of the camera. Everywhere I go outside, he follows me — peeking around corners, photo-bombing post pictures and generally ALWAYS getting in the shot! Then, I can’t help but take more photos of him. His black and white barring looks so vivid and striking against the fresh spring grass! He is one of the prettiest birds I have owned in all of the years that I’ve kept chickens (sorry Mr. Puff!) — and he isn’t even fully grown yet! 

closeup Barred Rock Rooster

Barred Rock Rooster crowing

His long tail feathers are just starting to grow in and I love the way that they ruffle in the wind. See those saddle feathers near the back of his body? They are really soft!

Gimli the Rooster

boots and a dog and chickens

I love that the weather is nice enough to sit out on the swing now! Even if I am in my muck boots :) Ginger was trying to enjoy a nap but the girls kept coming over to pick at her tail so she needed me for protection :), silly girl!

rooster looking at new chicks

Gimli doesn’t quite know what to think of the new chicks, he kept walking round and round the “growing up pen” to see what all Mama Tweet’s fuss was about.

Henrietta and her new chicks

Here is a really bad quality video of my chicks in the new “growing up” pen for the first time. Mama Tweet found them a huge worm to fight over! The chicks are growing quickly and Tweet has turned out to be a very good little adoptive mother!


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  1. 1

    He does have a really neat feather pattern! I can see wht he wants to be photographed all the time! Lol

  2. 2

    I seriously want to spend a weekend at your farm!

  3. 3

    That is one beautiful chicken! I want to come visit you!

  4. 4

    I want to come hang out with you for the day, it must be so peaceful. He really is beautiful.

  5. 5

    How beautiful! I love the one of you holding the chicks. So cute!

  6. 6

    We had some Barrings when I was a teenager. The chicks are always the fun part! We had ducklings at the same time and man, them running around in our kitchen when they got out of the ring, that was entertainment!

  7. 7

    Cute pictures, and your rooster is handsome.

  8. 8

    I’ve been wanting to do a farmcation with the kids. They wouls love seeing all those chicks!

  9. 9

    I’m coming to visit you. Gimli is really beautiful and the chicks are so cute!

  10. 10

    He really is quite a good-looking bird! Your pictures always make me want to escape to the country.

  11. 11

    Oh my goodness, he is a rather fancy boy, isn’t he? Most impressive.

  12. 12

    That rooster looks so nice! I think that would be a great photo for a kids book! All of them can “cock a doodle doo”

  13. 13

    I love your chicken photos and I especially love Gimli’s photo bombing. He is definitely beautiful!

  14. 14

    You make me miss the country life! He is such a beautiful bird! I used to have a couple of roosters that loved to follow everyone around. They were such curious little guys.

  15. 15

    I can totally tell that he loves the camera! I love the black and white color. I never knew that’s what the back feathers were called, saddle feathers. I think it would be so much fun to visit you!

  16. 16

    He’s gorgeous! Every time I see your chickens I want to get my own again!

  17. 17

    Great shots! You are so pretty!

  18. 18

    What a looker! Love his name, that was one of our kitty’s names too.

  19. 19

    HE is cool. I love that he photo bombs, and you caught some awesome shots of him. And how cute are those baby chicks that you are holding?!

  20. 20

    what a handsome fella!

  21. 21

    That rooster is sure a little model! He’s beautiful! And your chicks are soo cute. :)

  22. 22

    That rooster is beautiful!! Love the chicks too

  23. 23

    How cute!!! The chicks are adorable!

  24. 24

    That is one beautiful rooster.

  25. 25

    He’s a beautiful rooster. I love his personality!

  26. 26

    Love all your pics! That rooster is just gorgeous and the chicks are too cute. I think my boys would love visiting where you live! :)

  27. 27

    OK, he wins. He is photogenic and needs to be in pictures. Baby chicks are so cute.

  28. 28

    aw he’s so pretty!!

  29. 29

    Awww I love the babies, but Gimli is super cool too!

  30. 30

    I love the Rooster pictures:) They are so cute

  31. 31

    Look at all those chickadees! I love how your chicken is such a ham and your dog is such a chicken :P All your outdoor pics and videos make me want to hang out with you on vacay one of these days!

  32. 32

    OH I love the babies! I so want them.

  33. 33

    He’s a very photogenic rooster! Love the babies.

  34. 34

    Aww the babies are so cute

  35. 35
    Antonio J. GONZÁLEZ-FERNÁNDEZ says

    Best regards from Venezuela. I really liked your site. Very artistic and very well done your pictures.
    I am also a poultry farmer and have developed two genetic lines of Barred Plymouth Rock and Rhode Island Red but both with naked neck, so they are better suited to the tropical heat.
    I keep my birds in very large pens with fodder, trees, palms and earthworms… they are very happy there.
    A hug for you and good luck in your activities. You have now a friend in the Venezuelan Llano (plains).

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