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UPDATE 01/16/2012: While my dog didn’t suffer any noticeable injury from eating Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Jerky or Griller treats, I want my readers to be aware of a recent recall and the fact that a fellow bloggers’ pup had a severe reaction to Milo’s treats.

HOME-STYLE DOG TREATS (recall release from Milo’s Kitchen)
San Francisco – January 9, 2013 – Milo’s Kitchen® today announced that it is voluntarily recalling its
Chicken Jerky and Chicken Grillers home-style dog treats from retailer shelves nationally. No other Milo’s
Kitchen® products are affected.
On Monday, New York State’s Department of Agriculture informed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration
(FDA) and the Company that trace amounts of residual antibiotics had been found in several lots of Milo’s
Kitchen® Chicken Jerky. After consultation with the New York Department of Agriculture and FDA, the
company decided to voluntarily recall Milo’s Kitchen® Chicken Jerky and Chicken Grillers, which are both
sourced from the same chicken suppliers.
The use of antibiotics to keep chickens healthy and disease-free while raising them is standard practice in
poultry production for both human and pet food. However, the antibiotics found in the products were
unapproved and should not be present in the final food product.
Milo’s Kitchen® has a comprehensive safety testing program in place for its products from procurement
through manufacturing and distribution. Part of that program involves extensive testing for a wide range of
substances commonly used to ensure the health of chickens. However, Milo’s Kitchen® did not test for all
of the specific antibiotics found by the New York Department of Agriculture.
“Pet safety and consumer confidence in our products are our top priorities,” said Rob Leibowitz, general
manager, Pet Products. “While there is no known health risk, the presence of even trace amounts of these
antibiotics does not meet our high quality standards. Therefore, today we decided to recall both products
and asked retailers to remove the products from their shelves.
“Consumers who discard the treats will receive a full refund,” said Leibowitz. “We are committed to Milo’s
Kitchen® and stand by our guarantee of complete consumer satisfaction.”
Consumers with questions about Milo’s Kitchen products can get further information at 1-877-228-6493.


By now you’ve probably realized that our dog, Ginger, is more than just our pet — she is a part of our family and like a third child to hubby and I. Ever since we rescued Ginger in 2003, we’ve made it our mission to spoil her as much as possible! Why? Ginger had a pretty horrible first 4-6 months of life so we need to make up for it by making sure she feels loved! I think we’re doing a good job!

To show just how much #iLoveMyK9, we had a “Pamper Ginger Day” last week! Our whole family started the day out by taking a trip to Walmart to pick up some yummy treats for her. Walmart has several aisles full of dog food, toys, supplies and dog treats that we know Ginger will love. From Pup-Peroni and Milo’s Homestyle Kitchen snacks to her favorite Milk Bone treats, I knew we’d find something (or things) for Ginger’s special day!

Walmart dog treats
Ginger hasn’t had a new toy since Christmas so my daughter thought we should bring this adorable fox home for her to play with. It has a bottle inside to make a crunchy sound when she chews on it. Ginger’s collar was starting to look a bit frayed, so my daughter picked out a bright green and blue striped collar to spruce Ginger up for Spring! I love it! I grabbed a new brush for her as well, I have no idea what happened to her old one!
dog toys
After a little more shopping, we headed home to show Ginger what we found her. Check out my Google+ story to see our whole trip. Now that Spring is here, Ginger has been shedding terribly so I took her outside and gave her coat a very thorough brushing. This is one of her favorite activities, I can only imagine how good it feels for her to have all that itchy fur brushed off! We always leave the hair outside for the birds to find for their nests. There was quite a bit of it! Ginger had to give kisses after that brushing!
brushing my dog
After her brushing, I gave Ginger a bath with her medicated shampoo. She is such a sweet girl and always cooperates with bath time even though she isn’t so sure she likes the water. Finally Ginger is all prettied up with her new collar on and smells fresh and good! No more rolling in the chicken poop Ginger!!
happy Ginger dog
Ginger really enjoyed sampling all of these new treats! While she liked the Milo’s Chicken Grillers and Pup-Peroni Mix Stix just fine, she couldn’t get enough of the bitty bites of Milk Bone Trail Mix! Ginger might not realize it but she has been eating healthier lately. We’ve switched her over to mostly corn-free dog food and treats. I was really happy to see that Milk Bone Trail Mix is an all natural dog treat! The variety we found at Walmart is filled with good things like rolled oats, real beef and sweet potatoes! There aren’t any artificial flavors or preservatives either.
Ginger thinks Milk Bone Trail Mix is yummy
I love the little bits, the bones are so cute and I don’t have to feel guilty for giving Ginger several treats at once since they are just the right size for snacking! It’s so fun to for Ginger to have her own doggy trail mix! I’m keeping my eye on the Milk Bone Facebook page for more product news and promotions! What’s your pup’s favorite dog treat?


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  1. 1

    Ginger looks so happy! I need to start pampering my dog more. He needs it. Thanks for the product ideas!

  2. 2

    Seriously, that photo of the bone in front her nose kills me! I love puppy noses – they’re just SO CUTE!! *squee*

    My dogs love any kind of treat – lately we’ve had the biljac treats, which they are big fans of. My kids love to give them to the dogs.

  3. 4
    Daily Deals 4 Pets says

    Isn’t it fun to spoil them? Look like Ginger is well loved and you picked out some great new treats! Thanks for sharing and great pics!

  4. 5

    Aww, Ginger looks super excited to get her treats!

  5. 6

    Lucky dog!!

  6. 7

    Your dog is SO beautiful! And I love the new toy!

  7. 9

    She is so cute. Looks like she really enjoyed her new treats. Spoiled doggy:)

  8. 10

    Ginger is a lucky dog! I love shopping for new dog toys at Walmart…always a nice selection and always a good price —yeah, our dog is spoiled as well :)

  9. 11

    My name is Ginger, too! Annnd I think I’ve met more dog Ginger’s than people names that! hehe ;) Glad you got to pamper your dog! She looks like she enjoyed it.

  10. 13

    We rescued our chow, also. She had such a horrible life before she met us that she wouldn’t go near men. I’m guessing she was beaten. But we gave her love and she’s 14 now… and from what I understand, that’s uncommon for chows!

  11. 15

    I pamper my moms dog, and sometimes my nieces dog. I don’t do well with live in pets. I buy their dogs outrages gifts, and treats and whatever I fancy for them. They appreciate it and I give them love and leave them with their owners. This way, we all benefit.

  12. 16

    Ginger is such a sweetie!

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