{almost} Wordless Wednesday – slightly plump baby

I have had a fairly uneventful week which means have absolutely no good photos to share for WW! As I was aimlessly searching, I ran across a baby pic of me. I was a chubby baby.

And let’s face it, a kind of an ugly baby. My mom says to blame it on my dad and chocolate pudding… Umm, I don’t think babies are supposed to be eating THAT much chocolate pudding.

What in the heck am I wearing? And why does it look like I have a comb over? Are you sure this is me Mom? It doesn’t look like me. Were you a plump baby? Tell me you were so I feel better! Wait, nevermind becasue you were probably a cute plump baby! There’s a big difference! 

I was a fat Baby


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  1. 1

    I think you were cute!
    Kathy recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – Getting Ready to Build a SnowmanMy Profile

  2. 2

    Fat babies are the best!! Mone were huge!! lol
    Anne – Mommy Has to Work recently posted…Our New Home… w/wMy Profile

  3. 3

    oh my gosh look at those cute cheeks! love it. i was a plump baby too.
    Marianna recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: The Beautiful SkyMy Profile

  4. 4

    Oh my goodness! What an adorable picture!!
    Lindsay recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: Daddy’s GirlMy Profile

  5. 5

    OMG I love it! I was a chubby baby too ;) It’s all good!
    Jennifer recently posted…Comment on Shout Color Catcher with Oxi for Laundry! Review & Giveaway! TWO Winners! by Allison DownesMy Profile

  6. 6

    Yes, this was you honey. You can ask your Aunt Jean, she is the one that decided to wake you up to get a photo. You where not happy camper. lol Your dad love feeding you chocolate pudding, when we went camping to quiet you down and you loved it. I keep telling him you where only to have formula & maybe a very little baby cereal. You could really scream if you didn’t get chocolate pudding.lol love ya, mom

  7. 7

    I was totally fatter than that, I was super super fat as a baby lol
    Candace recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – Son of a Big FellowMy Profile

  8. 8

    I had big cheeks too! I was bald with big cheeks and my nickname was Tweety. LOL!
    Jenny recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: I Wish I Would Have Thought Of It FirstMy Profile

  9. 9

    It’s a cute outfit he’s wearing.
    Tammy recently posted…First Day Of SchoolMy Profile

  10. 10

    Awwww man you were sooo ocute!!!!
    Alison recently posted…Botox and Pageants, Not Good for KidsMy Profile

  11. 11

    Awww you were not ugly! I think all babies get plump at that certain age. Zoe was very chubby!
    Nichol recently posted…Up to 25% Off Nickelodeon Learning GamesMy Profile

  12. 12

    what a cute chunky monkey, though!
    Katie recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – I miss baseballMy Profile

  13. 13

    Oh heck no, not ugly! You were just caught with a funny expression on your face, and the chunkiness is cute!
    Liz recently posted…Do I Look Concerned? – WWMy Profile

  14. 14

    Hehe, you were not ugly, but definitely looking plump! Unfortunately I started out little and just plumped up later, lol!
    Amanda recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: Let Them Eat Cake!My Profile

  15. 15

    I love plump babies. You were adorable! My youngest is plump and I call him fat baby all the time. But like “I love you my sweet fat baby”. Adorable.
    Maryann recently posted…Wordless Wednesdays- Raw Milk!My Profile

  16. 16

    That’s so cute!
    Tenille recently posted…M&M’S® Ms. Brown Is Stepping Into the SpotlightMy Profile

  17. 17

    You were a cute baby! And chubby babies are cute. Out of three kids I only had one chunker! And she is tiny now! :)
    Dawn C recently posted…Growing up fast W/WMy Profile

  18. 18

    I think your were a cutie!
    Kasandria Reasoner recently posted…Wordless Wednesday When Homework Is Too MuchMy Profile

  19. 19

    From the look on your face I think you were probably thinking “What are y’all doing to me!” ;).
    Katy recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – Remember the AlamoMy Profile

  20. 20

    You were adorable!

    You can view my WW here:

    Have a wonderful afternoon!
    Cascia Talbert (The Healthy Moms Magazine) recently posted…Get a Break from Stress and Anxiety with this all Natural Sedative (Giveaway)My Profile

  21. 21

    LOL so cute but I had to laugh at the comb over comment!
    Carolyn G recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – The Life of ScoutMy Profile

  22. 22

    Nolie recently posted…Best Friends (Wordless Wednesday w/ Linky)My Profile

  23. 23
    darlene bohannon says:

    awwww ,you were a pretty baby
    jus didn,t want ur pic took

  24. 24

    I think you were a cute baby! I love chubby babies and this makes me want to pull out a pic of “chunk” aka my now five year old son – HE was a chubby baby, wow!
    Brandy recently posted…Rules Of Blogging in 2012 For MyselfMy Profile

  25. 25

    Chubby babies are awesome. Love the arm holding you up!
    Amy recently posted…Get a $5 Amazon Instant Video CreditMy Profile

  26. 26

    Don’t say that! You were probably just not happy. We had so many of those pictures of my daughter while the other half we’re giving her toys or snacks so she doesn’t cry. I think it’s looks like you had just about enough posing for that session!
    TerriAnn recently posted…Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, FLMy Profile

  27. 27

    How cute were you?! Loving the chubby cheeks!
    Kelly recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: Future Rolling Stone CoverMy Profile

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