Using prepaid cards to make 2012 the year of financial responsibility

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Western Union mun2 prepaid cardMy husband and I decided long ago that we would never be “credit card” people. It just does not make sense to us to spend money that we don’t have yet! Why put that financial burden on yourself? I know myself, I know I would be all Oh I’ll just buy these shoes now and pay it back next week, then guess what? Before you know it, I’d be racking up a huge credit card debt — with the best of intentions! No thank you!

That’s why we’ve opted for preloaded cards over the years. Western Union and mun2 have made being in control of your money even easier with their new Western Union mun2 Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard! Even if you’ve used traditional credit cards in the past, you can make a fresh start this year by using prepaid reloadable cards instead. The Western Union mun2 card is a wonderful option for those of us who don’t like to use credit or carry large amounts of cash around in their pocket. The card is accepted everywhere that a Debit MasterCard would be accepted, including the ATM, online, and at the gas station.

You don’t need to have a credit check or own a checking account to qualify for the Western Union mun2 prepaid Mastercard. There are no monthly maintenance fees, purchase transaction fees, overdraft or late fees when you use a Western Union mun2 Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard. You can check the balance online, over the phone or even sign up for free SMS balance notifications! Sounding good already! Less fees = more money staying in my account! Reloading the card is easy, just use any of the over 46,000 Western Union® Agent Locations. You can also add cash via a Western Union Money Transfer or directly from your bank account! 

Get a sweet sign up bonus: 

Western Union will add $10 to your prepaid account if you signup for direct deposit and then deposit at least $10 onto your Western Union mun2 card! 

I am thinking that this would be a good way to teach my teen some responsibility about managing his finances this summer when he gets his first job. It would be a smart way to get him started on the road to budgeting and not over spending! Plus, with the peace of mind knowing that the Western Union mun2 card is totally secure with the MasterCard’s Zero Liability Policy, we wouldn’t have to worry if it gets lost or stolen. 

Do you have financial goals for yourself or your teenagers in 2012? 

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    That sounds awesome! I just started using a Serve card that is similar but I will have to check this out too!

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    What a wonderful idea for college kids, as well as any of us that are on a budget!

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