Keeping the family safe by planning for emergencies

We seem to be having more rain than snow so far this winter but I know that without a doubt, the snow will arrive eventually! Living in Northwestern Pennsylvania, you learn to be prepared for rapidly changing weather, often times over the course of just a few hours. A morning might start out sunny and warm then quickly turn into a frigid snow storm that we have to dig ourselves out of!

We complain about it quite often, but the weather is probably one of our favorite subjects, after all it’s never the same! There are so many winter days that I look out of the widow and wish I could just curl up to hibernate until spring. I have a deep hatred for traveling on icy hazardous roads and when I do, there is probably a line of angry cars following behind since I drive like a granny in the winter months.

To keep the other drivers happy, and myself a little bit less stressed about driving on the icy roads, I try to make sure that we are prepared for winter. Fresh batteries in the flashlights, candles and matches where I can find them, a cache for emergency food storage in case we get snowed in and several jugs of water in case the pipes freeze, are just a few of the ways we get ready for the long winter months ahead. Living in a fairly small space has its challenges when it comes to food storage though, I have yet to find a good solution that maximizes the space we do have.

Being able to store a large amount of food in a little space would be the perfect solution for my food storage challenges. has an awesome selection of freeze dried meals and food products that will keep in storage for 25 years!! That is amazing and pretty great since once we stocked up for emergencies, we wouldn’t have to worry about the supplies going bad or using them up and buying more. I can see the survival kits and other items being a great way to stock up the camper for vacations. No worries about camping close to a town or keeping food fresh! 

It’s just so cool to see all of the products available nowadays to prepare our family for whatever might come our way! Do you have an emergency plan in place? 

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    We are planning as we speak. I am picking up water and some canned things for now just in case!

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    Thanks for the suggestions. Get a few new shovels for this winter to help keep the sidewalks and driveway clear. If possible, either purchase or service your snow blower to make sure it is ready to take on this winter.

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