Monday Morning Melody – Lenka

monday melodyMonday Monday all I have to say to you is BLAH! We had both a good and bad weekend and I’m still trying to deal with it. Nothing major… just life. Mr.Puff died on Saturday and I am quite sad about it. Sadder then I let on because, yes he was a chicken, but he was an awesome chicken! I miss him :(

Our kids have a short two day school week then we have 6 days of no school for Spring break. I’m happy about it, we can sleep in, be lazy, and just hang out :) Hope “The Show” by Australian singer Lenka puts a little sunshine in your Monday, love her!


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  1. I mean this will full respect – can you actually grow attached to a chicken? I don’t know, but to me they are stinky and annoying…..not cuddly like a puppy or kitty…..but I’ve never had a chicken as a pet. Yet. I know my husband is working on me LOL

    • No offense taken at all! Yes, chickens are full of personality, and even though they can be a bit um… ditsy at times, they really do make wonderful pets! Especially when you raise them from fluffy little puffball chicks, they become quite tame and you can get attached to them!

      I have some wonderful photos of my kids with our chickens over the years, they’ve loved having them growing up! You should definitely give them a try sometime!

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